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From the moment the proposal to create a metaverse where users could immerse themselves in a virtual and augmented reality experience was exposed, where access to all aspects of daily life only through digital technological devices, all they want to be a part of it. And online casinos like Bettilt India with different game modes, including live games, keep up with the times.

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In the case of the world of sports, many have joined this project, and of course, soccer as a sport with one of the biggest fans in the world could not be left out.

The most recent event involving the Metaverse and soccer was a European league game broadcast in a Metaverse room. The unexpected was that it captured thousands of followers’ participation.

This event was carried out using virtual reality glasses, where perhaps the success or failure of this idea could be in process.

It is how sports have been progressively involved with what refers to the environment and the opportunities the Metaverse for the various sports disciplines.

Who does The Sport of the Metaverse appeal to?

It may be one of the most common and exciting questions because many young people. However, they like sports and develop them through various applications, such as online games.

The type of audience that is trying to capture is the youngest, so they are immersed in technology, in addition to keeping up to date concerning the impact of technology on the sport.

What is sought is to attract the most significant number of followers of the King of sports, which allows television broadcasts to be replaced by immersive experiences of the Metaverse.

Perhaps it is one of the most ambitious strategies since soccer fans enjoy attending sports fields and sharing their emotion live; in addition to this, there is also a demographic sample that cannot participate in the stadiums, and that is where the directors of the campaigns of the Metaverse and football focus their most significant interests.

Possibly it is necessary first to segment the market to be able to visualize the diverse interests and tastes of the fans to establish a point of balance where both merge and can obtain what they want with the use of the Metaverse.

Soccer dives into the Metaverse with blockchain

The evolution of technology leads us to follow in its footsteps immediately; it is necessary to adapt to changes in prominent businesses people want to multiply their profits even more.

Three elements are currently quite attractive for sports fans: sports betting, the sport itself, and the possibility of taking it to video games, making the experience of playing soccer more fun.

The Blockchain-based games known as Play to Earn, where its users, in addition to obtaining entertainment, usually generate income for it, a plan that does not sound boring at all, as we saw in 2021 the popularity that these applications such as Axie reached Infinity managed to attract millions of users.

Until now, no game had been created that merged these two concepts, such as soccer and Played To Earn, so the time has come for MetaSoccer to be made; this video game is intended to obtain millions of users who, in turn, produce returns in the cryptographic environment.

Decentralization of Soccer

This Metaverse platform that is just being developed already has its White Paper, like any other cryptographic project, where it is known that the main attraction of this type of application is the possibility of obtaining money by doing something entertaining and exciting.

Among some of the scenarios that are expected to be able to earn cryptocurrencies using this platform in the Metaverse is playing various games and seasons, something very similar to what was once represented through the popular video game called FIFA.

In this type of experience, aspects that involve users, such as their game strategies, and the exhaustion of the participants, as if they were participating in a real game, were considered.

Just as the experience promises to be immersive, the various elements that play a fundamental role in soccer as a real sport will also involve sponsorships, stadiums since their construction, or simply the rental of facilities.

In turn, players can be sold without being Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo; interesting, right?


Technology never ceases to amaze the world, and the fusion of sports and cryptocurrencies seems to be getting stronger over time; it is a matter of analyzing and evaluating the progress of both and being able to consider participating in this type of proposal.

Komal Singla
Komal Singla
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