6 Features to Look For in a Good Web Host Provider


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If you have a website or plan to have one for your business or any other purpose, you must hire a good host. A web host provider is an establishment or entity that provides you with server space and connects to the internet. It is the entity from which you rent server space to store the data that enables your website to run smoothly. There are many web hosting options online that you can choose from. However, not all of them provide the same kind of services. Before we dive in deeper, check out the Kinsta reviews and see if this web host meets your needs.

Finding the best web host will be determined by your site’s requirements, your budget and other features that affect the smooth running of your website. Different web hosts have varying packages. If you are unsure what to look for, here are six features that a decent web host should have.

1.Provides 99% Uptime

When you have a website, it is vital to stay available. If it is a business website, availability will determine if you get clients or make losses. Your site is the first encounter your clients and other potential customers have with your business. If it is consistent, you will provide your visitors with a reliable web experience. A website that is always down and unavailable discourages existing and potential visitors from visiting it. If you sell products or services online, you will lose a lot of revenue due to an unavailable site. The main task of any web host is to ensure your website remains online all the time. If there is any server maintenance, they should have a backup system that keeps your site online. Select a web host that promises 99.9% uptime.

2.Provides 24/7 Support

Your site will experience some challenges from time to time. You will need technical support to remove bugs and keep your site running. You may need to contact your host to assist you in such situations. Ensure that the host you select can provide support seven days a week, 24 hours a day. They should be reachable through various means, including email, phone or interactive chat systems. Social media is also a necessary means of communication in the modern business environment, so such access would also be vital.

3.Provides Satisfactory Security

Security must be a consideration when selecting a web host server. There are a lot of data breaches and hackers online that are always looking for an opportunity to hack into companies’ websites. You need a host that will ensure top security to protect your company’s or business data. A reliable host will have powerful firewalls, security software, SSL certificates and other security features to ensure that your site is well secured from hackers.

4.Has a Variety of Packages or Plans

Web host companies provide different plans and packages. If you are looking for a small budget package, you will find plenty. A good package allows you to expand with time. As your company grows and you get more visitors and clients, you will also need to adjust when that time comes. Consider going for a host that will give you a package that allows you to transition and upgrade as you add more content and your establishment becomes bigger.

5.Consider the Price

Price is an important aspect to consider in developing a personal or a business website. For a personal website, go for a package that offers one price for all. Such a package should include most features that you consider helpful in your site. Check if there are hidden fees or recurring charges. Consider selecting a host that is transparent enough to avoid future surprises. As for a business website, you may require additional features to capture the aspects of your business. Check if there are any monthly charges in addition to the one-off development fee. The fewer the charges, the better if you get the needed features.

6.Check Bandwidth

Bandwidth is an essential service that you must factor in when searching for a web host. Bandwidth is a server’s capacity to transfer data at a specific time. It is critical since it determines how fast your website loads. A site that loads fast means that files will get transferred in real-time. It enhances the visitor/site interaction. The better the interaction, the more visitors will visit your site. If you need high bandwidth, you can either get your server or find a dedicated web host plan at a higher cost than the shared plans.

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