The Best Game Genre to Play on Android Devices


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Some genres lend themselves to simple controls, allowing gamers to enjoy games on smaller screens and devices with more ease. When it comes to mobile games, not every genre is perfect, and not every game within a genre is excellent. However, if the controls are basic, you can find several games that work well on mobile devices.

Many people are unaware that the mobile gaming market is currently the largest globally. Over the past few years, the rise of casual games has made mobile gaming more fun for users. As a result, it is genuinely expanding at a rapid pace and the number of games available on mobile devices is growing. We’ve compiled a list of the most fantastic genres to play on your smartphone. From the best in fighting, driving, and even bingo games, we have played them all to give you the answer to which are the best Android gaming genres.


Puzzle games have been a significant contributor to mobile game popularity. They’ve proven so popular that other media businesses have opted to invest in mobile development. Without a doubt, puzzle games are the most popular category of smartphone games. It implies that if this is your favorite game style, you’ll have a lot of options. Because of the easy controls, puzzle games perform well on mobile, so you won’t be disappointed with what’s available.


These games, often known as Multiplayer Battle Arenas, are a mix of RTS and action games. They offer you command of a single character called a “champion” or “hero,” and you can choose from a comprehensive roster of champions, each with their own set of skills. Unfortunately, because of the constraints of a mobile device in terms of processing power, display size, input choices, and so on, mobile MOBAs cannot deliver the same depth of mechanics and strategy as their PC counterparts. However, there are a few games specifically designed for Android devices, which means you can still enjoy this great genre.

PUBG mobile, another Tencent invention, recently surpassed 400 million players, with daily averages of 50 million. The Esports Observer provided this information, which shows just how popular Battle Royale has become. When you consider that nearly all of the most popular games on PC, console, and mobile are battle royales, it is undeniably the most popular game genre.


There’s a reason you’ve undoubtedly seen a lot of endless runners on mobile: they’re fun to play. The control method is simple in endless runner games: you swipe to travel from lane to lane and tap to jump. You can avoid obstacles, gather coins, and keep moving forward until you, well, don’t. Subway Surfers is the best example of the Endless Runner genre on mobile; you control one of several individuals who are being pursued by a security guard who has just been caught tagging a wall. At the start, you’re utilizing your hoverboard to run through a subway, catching letters, and running on moving trains!


Among all genres, this adrenaline-pumping one is still the most popular. Action games not only put you amid the action to help you overcome any obstacles, but they also put your brain and reflexes to the test. So you’ll notice your fingers moving ceaselessly whether you’re playing to shoot, battle, or survive!


For mobile devices, there are a wide variety of sports games to choose from. What makes them so great is that they’ve figured out how to work around the limits that the touch screen imposes on mobile games. To provide players with a full sports experience, most sports mobile games allow them to employ a combination of motion control, gyroscope, and touchscreen. This is one of the more underappreciated mobile game genres, but it is well worth checking out. This game genre is so great because there is such a wide variety to choose from. Everything from basketball to cricket, as well as management simulation games, can be played. Sports are well-represented in this space.

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