How To Enjoy The Ultimate Video Quality On Your Smartphone?


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Online video-sharing platforms have been a huge trend for quite a while. The demand for video content is growing at lightning speed and according to some studies, we live in a world that bursts of staggering 1 million minutes worth of video per second. 

However, as it happens with everything in life, even such a great at first glance thing as popularity also has its downsides. Namely, the aforementioned ever-growing demand for an ultimate Video quality. It was additionally boosted by the latest global pandemic (oh yes, a lot of people work and watch from home) forced the great bulk of platforms to start putting in place measures intended to control the significantly increased traffic. 

What does it mean for an average user like you? 

Quite simply, you are supposed to forget about HD video quality, which used to be the default setting not so long ago, and adapt to the less than modest performances delivered by the Standard Definition quality. All chances are that you’ve never heard about the latter before, but now you (just as millions of other people in all corners of the world) but now it’s somehow becoming a part of your online experience.

The great news is you do not have to settle for such a questionable amusement. Here you have it: a sure way to enjoy the ultimate video quality on your phone and any other mobile or desktop device.

Download Videos

YouTube and other similar platforms do not really allow users to download content. Of course, you have an option to save ultimate quality videos, but only in order to watch them later on the same platform, hence it’s not a real download. 

Well, why not play smartly and use an app to access your multimedia offline, whenever and wherever you want to? For instance, many video buffs opt for Viddly YouTube Downloader which supports Full HD, 4K, and 8K videos at up to 60 fps. This fast and lightweight app with a built-in search also converts videos to MP3 files compatible with audio players. In addition to that, you finally won’t have to watch all those annoying pre-roll ads anymore.

Make Sure You Have A Stable Internet Connection

As simple as it may seem, a stable internet connection is crucial if you want to be able to watch HD ultimate quality videos. If it’s unstable, constantly switching between high and low extremes, it will cause the video to lag or be very slow, which is far from being a superb experience. 

If the problem is still here, check your settings as there is a chance that your Play HD Over WIFI option is turned off. Make sure to enable this function or the Turn It On feature. Depending on the app, it can also be labeled as Play HD on WI-FI only.

Adjust Settings Of Video Quality

It doesn’t matter whether you use the iOS or Android app to watch videos, you can manually adjust video quality in the Settings menu. As a rule, you are able to choose from a pretty wide range of options: 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p and 144p. If you set it at 1080p, you will watch all the content in this resolution regardless of the internet speed, but keep in mind that it can be really frustrating as low speed and high quality do not get on well together.

Avoid Using Android Or iOS Apps

It’s common knowledge, that both Google Play and the Apple Store will hardly ever allow any application that could facilitate downloading copyright-protected video or audio content. That means no publisher will be really able to offer a functional app in either store for any decent period of time.

Perhaps you have already guessed what we’re trying to say – chances are that any app you might discover in the store is just a product of scam artists designed with the purpose of displaying omnipresent ads and making some quick money.

Aiming to avoid all the hassle, some people try to install an APK directly, which is a big mistake. Of course, there are ways to root your iPhone or disable protections on your Android device, but doing so is a huge risk since mobile devices can’t take advantage of such sophisticated virus scanners as their desktop counterparts. To protect your privacy, never disable any security functions on your smartphone or tablet.

As you can see, tapping into the immersive world of top-notch video content can be your reality. If you like having fun on the go, follow these tried and true tips and enjoy the ultimate video quality anytime and anywhere.

Sushant Gupta
Sushant Gupta
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