Dorm Room Tech Gadgets Every Student Needs


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The academic year is in full swing, and it means that buying useful gadgets for students is still valid. Check the list of room tech gadgets every modern student should get.

Dorm Room Tech Gadgets Every Student Needs

Every year, new devices enter the international market and make student life easier. Due to gadgets, college students don’t need to go to the library but take a book in 2 clicks. Innovations in the field of technology have opened up new avenues in teh niche areas of learning and entertainment. Let’s see what devices you should have in your dorm room.


Is there any student who does not need a laptop in 2020? It is a clearly rhetorical question. Make notes during classes, write academic papers, do a laboratory project, show your friend new memes during a break… This is not a complete list of ways to use a laptop. And for this purpose, a desktop computer is not suitable! You definitely need a small, lightweight, with a good battery and quite powerful. This is what a modern student laptop should be like. 


Why do you have to keep a bunch of heavy textbooks with you if all books can easily fit into a tiny e-book? This device will be appreciated not only by humanitarian students but also by tech guys because modern “readers” perfectly cope with both texts and graphics. Besides, all models use special technology, thanks to which the text from the screen is perceived as printed on paper, and your eyes get tired much less. If you get a model with backlighting, you can read anywhere and anytime, without straining your neighbors in the dorm with bright light and without spoiling your eyesight under a dim light bulb! 


After graduation, many students remember the fun student life in the dorm. It is funny, but also noisy. What if you need to wake up too early to be on time in class, and the neighbors have a party? Headphones with lullaby music are a way to save a situation! Well, if you are a lover of loud music, then headphones will help to avoid complaints from sleep-deprived neighbors.

Smart Lighting

If you want to be on time for your first classes at college, you should think about a good alarm clock. Most students waste their healthy sleep on writing college tasks. They are sure that success completely depends on their performance. They strongly believe that getting professional writing assistance by sending a short message, “Could I pay someone to do my assignment?” will not work. As a result, they might experience difficulties getting up in the morning. 

When decibels don’t cope anymore, a bright light will help you. You have smart lights, smart switches, and smart lamps to choose from. The last type is the easiest: use a regular light bulb, set the application on your smartphone, and program the time and brightness of the light. That’s all!

Digital Posture Coach

Dorm Room Tech Gadgets Every Student Needs

For centuries, people have been convinced that money can solve all problems. Recently, another belief has appeared — that health gadgets can solve all our problems. If you spend most of your time at your computer, or in the wrong position, then this device is exactly what you need.

Scoliosis is one of the most common problems a lot of students suffer. Fortunately, engineers have invented a functional device called that can watch how much a person sits correctly. As soon as a person takes the wrong position and slouches, the device starts to vibrate, reminding the user to sit still.

Smart Watch

In most schools, teaching staff prohibits the use of smartphones, but a smartwatch is still on the list of allowed devices. So if you need to be in touch, but you have an important class, you should get a smart clock.

Besides, this device comes in handy in your dorm room. You can keep track of your health and do sports exercises between hard work on your laptop.

Thermal Mug

Seeing a thermal mug in this list can be a little unexpected after all the mentioned gadgets. However, this thing might also be indispensable, especially in the cold winter. For students, it is night hours when they get engrossed in the workbooks. Those who place their assignments on an essay writing company can spend some time playing their favorite games.  In any case, you might need hot coffee or black tea, and only a good thermal mug can provide you with drinks of appropriate temperature.

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