COD: Modern Warfare crashing post last update! MW unplayable, infected with bugs, Few tested workarounds here!


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Call of Duty rolled out patch version 1.50(CE-34878-0 update) on December 15th and it has screwed up Modern Warfare completely. Devs have broken Modern Warfare 2019 with the December 15, 2021 patch. The game freezes on all consoles and PC. Modern Warfare crashing out after every update is a common complaint leaving players frustrated. The December patch doesn’t allow players to play their normal Modern Warfare game without having to worry about getting a black screen, crashing, or blue screen. It is hindering the enjoyment of playing.

The last and latest version included fixes for bugs and increasing damage range for a couple of weapons. But even after over 3 weeks of release, players are complaining of Raven devs rendering the game unplayable. The general perception is that any update leaves the MW game busted, making it worse. The common complaint is the devs no longer care to add value to the once upon time beautiful game.

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December patch rollout has broken the earlier stable version of the MW game with many bugs popping up. The most familiar ones are the Modern Warfare crashing and screen freeze every time a player loads into a match. COD: Modern Warfare crashing issue is reported to happen at any time. It can be either in-game or in the menus. Treyarch and Raven devs have really messed up so bad this time.

Apart from these critical bugs, players are reporting the below issues leaving the game unplayable. You are welcome to add to the unending list of Modern Warfare issues.

– Frequent Modern Warfare crash
– Unusual input lag,
– Chat not working,
– Missing tactical insertion,
– Crash during loading screen into Ground War,
– Random “black screens” where the whole screen flashes black for a split second
– Blizzard throws an error when trying to launch it, the game can no longer be opened
– The loading screens in the Multiplayer versions are glitched. Look more like Warzone’s loading screen
– On the first launch of the game it throws an error saying “loading assets” in a loop, opening and closing the main screen
– Christmas game mode is buggy on the loading screen
– Weapon cannot be rotated when looking at camos
– On saving custom mod, Modern Warfare crashes
– Save RAAL mods not working
– audio in general is distorted and awful
– performance or fps keeps on dropping leaving a poor gaming experience
– falling textures

Remember the bugs listed are just new ones, the old bugs are still there that have not made to the list of fixes yet. They include the much troublesome white phosphorous fog staying until death, stuck on the zip line, no ammo restock on ground war and more such.

How to fix Modern Warfare crashing out issue after December patch?

The anguish can well be understood when players have to delete multiple games to load the ever-increasing 16 GB update and the game cannot be played. There has been no response from the devs so far in spite of players raising the issue everywhere. Out of frustration, players have deleted the installed game and reinstalled it a number of times on their consoles, but the game did not work.

Please check out a few tried and tested ways gamers have tried out till an official fix is rolled out by Raven. If you are not comfortable with any, it is suggested to stop playing the game until an official fix arrives.

A solution that worked for some was to uninstall the MW game, delete the game directory and reinstall.

Another one is as below with steps. However, keep in mind that it is not good for console plugging out of the wall. But when you push the button, the PS4 uses a built in function to cut its own power, reducing the risk of damage.

How to fix Modern Warfare crashing on PC? As suggested by a Reddit user, he logged in to PC as admin. He disabled Anti-Virus software, opened the, scanned and repaired the game in the launcher. Reboot the PC now.

One Reddit user found that some of the DLC packs are corrupted and they cause unexpected bugs. His suggestion was to play with the sole uncorrupted packs for just multiplayer. This is for the multiplayer version only. Check out his solution below.

Many players haven’t uninstalled the game yet, hopeful the developers will fix the game, nevertheless, we all had a good time playing this game for almost 2 years. However, it is advisable to report the Modern Warfare crashing issue on the official link so as to add “weight” to it: Report Form Modern Warfare.

It is illegal the way Activision neglects Modern Warfare to be riddled with bugs. Gamers have paid $60+ for a game that devs roll half baked updates. Modern Warfare gamers feel that it was ridiculous to have Warzone attached in the first place. The devs should have just made Warzone an independent game as they did with Apex and Titanfall. Instead, they added Warzone, Cold War and Vanguard just to make MW worse and make players buy the other titles. MW once was a great game but no more. Thank you, Activision for making all of us play other games as Halo Infinite and Battlefield!

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