When will Apple Glasses get real? Here’s what we know about Release Date, Price, Features and leaks!


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Apple Glasses is going to revolutionize augmented reality. Let’s check out to learn more!

You must have heard of the rumored or solid leaks regarding a pair of augmented reality smart glasses. This is the upcoming Apple Glass that is still a mystery for all of us. We thought that the Apple Glass would be coming sooner than later but it has been found that we need to wait for another year for its revelation. Well, Apple Glass is a wearable heads-up display straight out of sci-fi. It has been rumored that Apple may release the Apple VR headset in 2022 and then it would come up with the Apple Glass which would prove to be the futuristic augmented reality device.

Leaks, patents and Apple Glass rumors show that Apple Glass would have transparent lenses which can help in allowing the user to see the beautiful world by wearing and viewing graphics overlayed on real-world objects. Apple Glasses would either run on glassOS or Starboard which proves to be a proprietary operating system.

Apple Glasses Specifications

Regarding its display, one can see through transparent pixels or even via a small projector on the display itself. Here, it would be quite convenient for the user in viewing different information like Apple Maps directions or even incoming iMessages without having to lose sight of the world in front of them.

But it should be noted that one need to wait for the exact specification. The leaked image shows the presence of a sleek pair of square rimmed glasses where it has the Apple logo on them. There is also no information on the resolution by Apple. But at the same time, there would be a requirement for a ring device in order to interact with the glasses as there is no patent for movement tracking or hand tracking.

There are lots of images that are being rendered but the actual product image is still a mystery.  If it is to be believed then there is no hardware that needs to get installed in Apple Glasses. The reason behind this is due to the fact that it is to be used with device tethering to the iPhone.

Apple Glasses vs Google Glass

It is not clearly known regarding the differences between Apple Glasses and Google Class. When it comes to marketing, it appears to be almost similar but at the same time, it has been rumoured that the Apple Glasses would not arrive in a tiny box image in the corner of your eye. Apple has taken some extra time in making sure of putting thought into everything.

What will be Apple Glasses Release Date?

Bloomberg has reported that Apple Glass will be launched in 2023. But according to Jon Prosser, a reputable Apple leaker, it might get launched sooner. If the reports are to be believed, then the Apple Glass lens has passed the prototype stage and is into the trial production stage. However, a presentation on the roadmap at Apple got leaked and reported by Information. It sets the launch date of an AR headset to be 2022 and a pair of AR glasses by 2023.

What will be Apple Glasses price?

One cannot purchase the Apple Glasses as they are not for sale. Once it is made available for sale, one can visit Apple’s website or even Best Buy, Apple Stores, Target, etc. in order to buy it.

Apple leaker, Jon Prosser has informed that the launch price of the Apple Glasses in the US would be somewhere around $499 (roughly £410 / AU$765), excluding prescription fees. Apple Glasses price in India would be around Rs 37,000. Regarding Apple glasses price in the UK, it would be around £410.

Who are competitors to Apple Glasses?

We have all the big tech players hitting the eyewear wearables segment. Either they have carved their names or have announced their plans. Augmented reality headsets introduced with Google Glass and Microsoft Hololens 2 are making their way to hit the mainstream. Meta (formerly Facebook) has also recently confirmed jumping the AR specs bandwagon. Apple Glasses will be pitted against Vuzix Blade, Ray-Ban Stories, Snap Spectacles AR, Lenovo ThinkReality A3, Microsoft HoloLens 2, Magic Leap 1, Vue Pro to name a few.


1. Will Apple glasses be safe to wear?

Yes, Apple glasses would prove to be 100% safe to wear.

2. Are Apple Glasses real?

Yes, Apple is developing Apple Glasses which is a pair of AR glasses. It has been known that Apple Glasses have already been tested and also passed the lenses prototyping stage and they are now submitting patents for their technology.

3. What is the use of the Apple Glasses?

One no longer need to rely on their iPhone touch screens as Apple Glasses would help users to interact with the help of AR display for iPhone. It would be possible to browse the internet along with the facility for users in reading and responding to messages and also do general computer tasks on the fly because of the presence of an AR interface.

4. How much do Apple Glasses cost?

It has been rumored that the cost of Apple Glasses would be around $499.  There would also be an additional prescription fee as well.

5. Will Apple Glasses support 5G?

Yes, it is expected that Apple Glasses would support 5G. For lower latency and higher bandwidth, it might be equipped with Wi-Fi 6.

6. Will Apple glasses correct my vision?

Yes, it is believed that Apple Glasses can adjust lenses to match the user’s prescription. So, it corrects one’s vision. Patents for vision problems such as near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, and others have leaked to the internet. But their implementation is not officially confirmed.

7. Would people who wear glasses be able to use Apple Glasses?

Yes, of course!

What has been Apple fans reaction to the news of Apple Glasses?

There has been a mild response when it comes to the leaks around Apple Glasses. There are some who see it as reminiscent of the failed release of Google Glass. Again there are others that are hoping for the modern advancement of VR. The leaked advertisement of Apple surely convinces that it is meant as an AR productivity device. So, it can be said that most reactions are found to be incredibly sceptical of this device. Another section of people is not paying any attention to the Apple Glasses concept. In other words, it seems like the early days of the Apple Watch when most people did not give much attention to it. It seems that in order to sway public opinion launch presentation is needed.

Just keep an eye out for more updates with us!

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