Design and Use COVID-19 Awareness Brochure Templates: A Helpful Guide


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Colorful Disease Prevention Informational Pamphlet Template / Venngage

COVID-19 brochure templates are an excellent way to get your message across. At Venngage, we offer brochure templates that you can customize with any information that is relevant to COVID-19 awareness. Whether you’re looking for brochures about the virus itself or brochures about preventing the disease, we have everything you need!

If you’re feeling stumped on how to use brochure templates, don’t worry. We’ve compiled some helpful tips that will help you design and utilize brochures with ease.

Keep it simple.

The idea of a brochure template is not only to inform but also to grab people’s attention. Avoid cluttering up space with lots of design elements or images by keeping things simple. It will allow readers’ eyes to focus on what matters most which makes brochures more effective overall!

Take advantage of features.

Make your brochure more appealing by utilizing all of the tools available to you like images, shapes, and icons. These brochure templates are fully customizable so it’s up to you on how they will look. Here’s an example of a brochure template focused on raising awareness for health concerns:

Add informative text to brochure.

For brochures to be effective, they need interesting and relevant information. Every brochure template has a place for you to add your complete text in. Take advantage of this space and personalize it with information about COVID-19 awareness that the public may not know. Remember that the goal is to get your message across so make sure you’re adding helpful text too!

Be clear and concise.

No one wants to read through brochures that are too wordy. Keep your message brief but informative. Don’t forget to include contact information for more brochures or other resources.

Be creative!

You’re the one who’s going to be using these brochure templates so make sure they represent your brand and organization just how you want it. Customize them with images, colors, and shapes that align with your message of COVID-19 awareness. You can even add a logo or slogan if you’d like!

Make brochures accessible.

It’s important to make brochure templates as accessible as possible. This means designing them in a way that can be used on any screen size or device meaning brochures should be easily read and navigate no matter the viewer. The Venngage brochure maker allows you to adjust the size of your brochures so they can fit any screen!

Be consistent with fonts and colors.

When using brochure templates, always be mindful about how they will look from afar or on paper. Using too many different font sizes or bolding certain words might make it difficult to read so stick to something simple like Arial or Times New Roman.

As far as color goes, black is most common but feel free to play around with hues if they fit in better with what you’re trying to convey. Remember every template has its guidelines so follow those accordingly when designing brochure templates.

Make use of the text editing features.

The best brochures convey information in a clear, concise way that is readable and easy to understand for everyone who sees them. Utilizing our text feature can help with this by adding bolded or italicized words throughout your brochures – don’t overdo it though! Just enough so people know what points are most important when reading about COVID-19 awareness.

Size does matter!

When it comes to brochure templates, size matters. Your brochures should be sized so they look full and complete but also easy to read from a distance. Try this out if you’re unsure about how best to design brochure templates: print them off on regular pieces of printer paper instead of using card stock or brochure paper because sizing is easier that way for testing purposes.

Be mindful of different layouts.

Depending on what brochures you’re designing, some may have a two or three-column layout. These columns can be resized according to your preference but they are dynamic so the text will adjust accordingly. Make sure brochures are spaced out adequately so the text doesn’t look too crowded or spaced apart either. Here’s a template of a tri-fold brochure that you can use:

Keep your brochure templates consistent.

If you’ve chosen to use a certain template, stick with it! Changing layouts can be distracting and confusing for readers which is why consistency is key when designing brochure templates. Just because some brochures have more than one column of information doesn’t mean all should.

Try using our same layout across different types of COVID-19 awareness brochures if possible – this will make things easier in the long run! Check out this brochure template in promoting your health services:

Go beyond the template.

The above tips are perfect if you’re looking to create brochures about COVID-19 awareness, but what if you want something more? Venngage has brochure designs of all kinds! Not only can we help design brochures that inform people about COVID-19 awareness, but our other brochure templates also have information on a wide variety of topics like business marketing or blogging.

Proofread your brochures!

Be sure to proofread and review your brochure before sending it out into the world, because once you send something it’s final! Stick to a standard font like Arial or Times New Roman for easy reading. Be mindful of the document size as well so that people can print it easily if they want to.

Make your brochure stand out with Venngage’s features.

Venngage makes creating brochures easy because it includes a drag-and-drop feature for individuals with no experience in design. With just one click, designing beautiful brochures is easy with Venngage’s customizable features. All it takes is uploading text files and images. With so many possibilities at your fingertips, there’s no reason brochures about COVID-19 awareness can’t be your next project.

You can use brochures in any way that fits your needs! Whether you need something physical or digital, our brochure templates are versatile and customizable so they can be used anywhere. Check out all of the brochure templates we have available here!

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