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Can you find Apple Ads popping on iPhone & iPad?

Users of Chinese branded smartphones are always bombarded with intrusive advertisements. This especially stands true for Xiaomi OEM which holds the rank in the top 5 across the globe. It has received widespread criticism for planting numerous ads into its MIUI interface. It impacts user experience and everyone wants to get rid of them. Maybe these are tricks to compensate for economical pricing and beating competition.

However, Apple was one such brand that had stayed away from placing discreet advertisements. Probably this worked in its favor with people ready to pay a big chunk too. Recently Apple ads were spotted on iPhone and iPad phone settings.

Apple ads on iPhone settings were highlighted by Tom Warren, editor-in-chief of The Verge on his Twitter account. He could see himself staring at some advertisements in the form of a reminder for Apple Arcade services on his iPhone. Check out his tweet below

It is hard to believe but the screengrabs prove that Apple ads in iPhone settings do exist. Strangely these intrusive Apple ads on iPhone do not show up in the older versions. It is more of a non-instructive ad for the new iPhone12 lineup visible in settings. Maybe it’s Apple’s way to tell the freebie it is giving with new purchases.

In the conversation that followed with his followers, it appears Apple has started pushing reminders. They are in the form of ads related to Apple Arcade, Apple TV +, and Apple Care + services in the iPhone and iPad settings.

Few debated that it can not be labeled an “ad” in a traditional sense as the company is informing what one has. The notification appeared more like a reminder to redeem a promo, maybe AppleCare, somewhat similar to redeeming coupon code notifications.

However, the truth lies in the fact that it’s a form of advertising 3 months of service. Apple ads on the iPhone can be considered promotional services that the user is currently not availing of. Once availed, you will continue to pay for every month after the trial period.

If you are thinking otherwise, then maybe you belong to the section of people who don’t consider Mcafee antivirus on PCs as adware either.

The practice of running cross-selling campaigns is not new in the world of gadgets. Apple joins the race now!

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