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Apple to announce 2020 iPhone 12 lineup launch event via press release on 8th September

Reaching out to the expectations of every Apple fan, the company will stick to its schedule of Apple products’ launch event in the first half of September. Going by the tweet of Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple should make a 2020 iPhone 12 and new Apple products presentation tomorrow. It will be an online press release supposedly to be held at 9:00 am EST though.

“I wouldn’t get too excited about rumors of new Apple products appearing this week. More likely I think: an announcement of the upcoming (of course virtual) September iPhone/Apple Watch event.”

The online virtual event will only give a roadmap of the new iPhone 12, the 2020 Apple Watch, and iPad Air 4 launch schedules.

Gurman without directly referring to recent statements by trusted leaker Jon Prosser has termed them as rumors only. However, he is of the opinion that Apple will restrict to announcing the date of the virtual unveiling of the 2020 5G iPhones lineup.

Gurman’s tweet for obvious reasons is in contradiction with Jon Prosser who also confirms the date of Apple’s press release for tomorrow. Jon captioned his tweet, saying, “Apple press release is currently scheduled for Tuesday (September 8) at 9:00 am EST — though, I should note that it’s not locked in until the press has been briefed, day of.”

A few days ago he had tipped about *something* to happen on Apple’s website on Tuesday, September 8th, between 9:00-12:00 EST. He had also revealed timeline of the 2020 Apple new iPhone launch.

iPhone 12 lineup launch

His tweet in August hinted at the launch of two Apple products via a press release. It is rumored that these two products could be Apple iWatch Series 6 and the new iPad. There are leaks that speculate on Apple unveiling a new low-cost iPad or an iPad Air 4 or it could also be an iPad Pro launch.

Jon has been fairly accurate in tipping about Apple products. He is also bang on when he specified September 7 to be the soft launch day a month ago. There is slight mismatch between Prosser and Gurman’s sources. Gurman asserts that Apple is is not going ahead with any launch of new products on September 8. There will only be a press announcement for the Apple iWatch and new iPhone 12 launch.

Traditionally speaking, Apple advertises the launch date two weeks before the event takes place. A September 8, press release indicates the launch event likely to be held online during September 22 week.

The time and date of virtual press release is yet to be confirmed by Apple.

The shipment of the new iPhone 12 stands delayed as confirmed a few days ago by its supplier. However, this is not the first of an instance where Apple has made an announcement of its annual product lineup and its marketing happens until much later. In the past, it has happened with iPhone X and Mac Pro which were shipped a few months after their official announcement.

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