Are CB Radios for Preppers Obsolete with Smartphones?


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In a world where cell phones are hardly ever more than a few inches from our hands, the idea of a device that allows you to communicate with people from across town or the country seems archaic. The age of the walkie-talkie, which the consumer market has long known as the CB Radio, has come and gone, a relic of a bygone era.

So why then would a company that designs and sells high-quality CB Radios for preppers continue to do so? Because it offers a rare combination of performance and options that any smart device cannot match.

A CB radio is no longer an emergency radio or even an emergency notification device. It is, quite simply, one of the very best communication devices on the planet. For those that want to get started right away with a quality CB radio, you can find a quality CB shop near you right here! 

So how do you know what device works best for your needs? If you are considering or currently using Smartphones for CB Radio replacement, here are some considerations to help you decide if a CB Radio is better for your needs than a smart device:

  • Smartphone battery life is notoriously short. When the power goes out, you will need to have access to a fully charged power source or be ready to constantly recharge your device. Car chargers generally run $25+, and then there will still be times when everything has gone dark, and there isn’t a working outlet in sight.
  • Content. Content from a Smartphone is either streamed from the internet or a 3rd party provider. The content available is limited to what companies have made available on their platforms. In contrast, content on a CB Radio is not limited to what others have made available. A CB Radio with a good antenna and power supply provides clear, local channels for chat and local weather channels for updates on road conditions and the overall situation in your area.
  • CB Radios are Affordable. Smartphones, by contrast, are not cheap. They constantly require upgrades to stay current. And due to their high cost, many people cannot afford to upgrade or replace them frequently. CB Radios also keep their value over time. The average smartphone depreciates significantly within one year; however, the average CB Radio can hold its value for decades.
  • Durability. The biggest advantage of a CB Radio is durability. Smartphones have a history of being fragile. However, there are several smartphones on the market today that have been designed with the consumer in mind and have shown to be pretty well-built.
  • Analog Interface – Most CB radios come standard with an analog interface. The analog interface allows for upgradeability to newer radio versions while still allowing you to use your old units. If you choose to go with smartphones, there is no way to upgrade your unit without buying an entirely new phone; deciding to upgrade is difficult.

Wrapping up

When you look at the functionality of CB radios, it is easy to see why so many people still use them. Just like cell phones were once seen as replacing landline telephones, smart devices might be seen as a replacement for CB radios. The truth is they can fill both roles depending on your situation and needs.

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