Best Promotional Ideas For A Gaming Blog


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Today, many gamers earn by playing and streaming online. Writing a gaming blog that offers player tips, fun facts, and Easter eggs is another way to make money. After all, over 3 million people aged 18-65 in Hungary admit to playing video games.

Below, Péter Deli presents some of the best ideas for a gaming blog. Péter is our resident digital marketing expert. He’s also a big fan of online casino games and more.

7 Blog Strategies for Promoting a Money-Earning Gaming Blog

Here are a handful of techniques and styles you can use for your gaming blog:

1. Focus on Making Evergreen Gaming Blog Posts

Evergreen content is the type of content that will remain relevant and “fresh” for a long time. Writing evergreen content should sometimes be one of your goals when you write gaming posts. So how do you write evergreen content?

Avoid writing content centered around trends. You can repurpose old content and update it to keep it relevant. Never repost content as it is.

For example, your content is about rulett jatek. One method of turning this into evergreen content is to talk about tips. An example is to teach them how to choose the best online casino slot machine in Hungary.

2. Create Content for Other Bloggers

Don’t write just for your gaming blog. Share your writing talent with other gaming bloggers, too. In digital marketing, this is what they call “guest posting.”

In the guest posting, you pick another blog that’s related to your industry or speciality. Then, you contact them and offer to guest post for them. When you reach an agreement, you can write content for them to attract traffic back to your website.

Let’s say your business offers online casino games. Get in touch with a blog for gamblers. Then, ask the blog owner if you can write a guest post on rulett jatek. In return, you can allow them to guest post for you.

3. Use Long-Tailed Keywords in Your Gaming Articles

For this next strategy, you need to know the best long-tailed keywords for your blogs. You can find them via keywords research using SEO tools and more. Remember, long-tailed keywords are phrases with lower search volume and high variation. A good example is “online rulett Magyar” for online casino gaming bloggers based in Hungary.

4. Write a Viral Post

Aim to make a handful of your posts go viral. Many factors can make a viral post. While 79% of Hungarians play games on the PC, many now browse the internet on smartphones. One of these is the platform on which you make content most accessible.

The content itself is another major factor. Other factors include the timing of the post and the tone or language used. Finally, try piggybacking on trends.

5. Try Affiliate Marketing

Another way to monetize your gaming blog is affiliate marketing. Many other blogs use affiliate marketing as their main source of income. It is the practice of recommending a product to your audience with unique links. Every time someone clicks on the link and buys a product through it, you earn a commission.

The most popular affiliate links come from Amazon, but you can choose a local seller, as well. To start, try looking for affiliate programs for products you already use. It makes it easier to write about a product or service if you know and enjoy it.

6. Review Video Games (and Get Paid for It)

If you’ve got a gaming blog, you might already be doing this. But did you know that you can get paid to write game reviews on your website? Writing games reviews for money works a little like sponsorship advertising. Here, you try out a game for free and get paid for writing a review.

Next to advertising on your blog and affiliate marketing, this is another popular blog monetization method. This popularity is one reason behind the growing revenue of video games in Hungary. In 2020, video games reached 69 million USD.

7. Develop Your Email Subscription List

Finally, don’t forget about email marketing. Or, if you don’t do this yet, now is the time to build an email subscription list. A vital step to keeping it alive is to turn it into an “elite” email list. Find the right people who will help you reach your goal. Then, nurture the subscribers on this list.


When deciding your next move, pick strategies that will best work with your target audiences. A younger demographic will be more interested in viral content, while older gamers will keep a closer tab on your emails. In the end, finding the right promotional strategy for monetizing your gaming blog depends on you.

Parth Singh
Parth Singh
I have been writing content for websites since 2018, and on Phoneswiki, I am your source for the latest news, leaks, and rumors about the latest games, gadgets, and other similar products.


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