Best Phone Settings to Optimize Your Online Gaming Experience


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Online gaming is one of the most popular pastimes. Games that can be played on smartphones are not only fun but convenient for players because of their ease of access.

But, what should one do when irritating lags obstruct the overall gaming experience? For those who enjoy mobile gaming, a power-packed smartphone can deliver a smooth, lag-free game. And let’s face it, this is a must for any avid player!

Apart from seeking a smartphone with the best battery capacity, you can tweak your smartphone settings to optimize your gameplay.

Remove The Junk

Old media files, unnecessary documents, or numerous leftovers from other sources can slow down the device. Apps sitting on your screen without any purpose also qualify as junk. Therefore, it is important to delete them and free up storage space to achieve the best results.

If you own an Android phone, you can use the built-in feature in your settings menu to get rid of files that are sitting around for a long time or are simply unnecessary. Deleting junk will optimize your gaming experience as your phone will not lag anymore due to the burden.

Delete Those Widgets

Widgets are quick ways to access certain features of applications without opening the app itself. Although they are quite convenient, widgets can consume system resources and become an obstacle to smartphone performance.

If you do not want to deal with lags and reduced gameplay quality, it is advisable to get rid of widgets right away.

Keep Clearing The Cache

For games to function smoothly on your device, it is essential to keep clearing cache from apps and the internet. If you frequent the web too often, your passwords, browser history, cookies, and other files are stored to yield a better user experience.

However, these files acquire a significant amount of space and can hamper performance if they are not cleared periodically. To keep your smartphone up and running, we recommend you clear the cache right away and free up more storage space.

Switch to the Highest Screen Refresh Rate

Faster reactions and stutter-free visuals are the keys to a great gaming experience. A high refresh rate is therefore important to deliver these features.

Refresh rate refers to the number of times a device can generate a new image per second. The higher the screen refresh rate, the better will be the visual quality of the games you play.

Switching to the highest setting available will generate smoother visuals.

Use Game Booster Apps

It’s annoying to encounter a crash when one is about to win because the phone’s background activity interferes with the game.

Game booster apps suspend all the unnecessary activity that hampers the device’s performance whilst playing a game. They squeeze out the best hardware performance and use a good chunk of RAM only for games. You can try installing a good game booster app that reduces the possibility of any crashes or slowdowns when you are playing.

Enable the Force 4x MSAA option

The delicate balance between graphics and device performance is essential for players who adore online gaming. The Force 4x MSAA option, which is available on several Android devices, can help you achieve this.

Despite its advantages, switching this on can lead to faster battery drainage. You can enable the feature via the developer settings under the System menu.

Key Take-Aways

Before getting a new smartphone exclusively for gaming, you can try these tips to make the best use of your device’s hardware and other settings to get a hassle-free gaming experience on the net.

Remember, free storage and suspending background activity are essential for a great online gaming session. These tips will also enhance your device’s performance and help you achieve the perfect, lag-free experience.

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Jennifer Wilson
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