Coinbase connection issues refuse to die on the app and website!


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Coinbase connection issues popping up randomly when the site is needed the most have left an annoying experience amongst crypto enthusiasts. These issues range from Coinbase down, users unable to sell/buy, and Coinbase connection bugs to name a few. If you are one of the 98 million verified users residing in one of the 100 countries that trust Coinbase to invest and spend in crypto, then frequent connection issues make you nervous. The latest one that is haunting users is “We’re having connection trouble, but your funds are safe. Please try again later today.”

The latest Coinbase connection issues is being reported over the past few months by many. The issue pulls up when a Coinbase user tries to buy and sell crypto and is unable to complete the transaction. Users have reported on both the app as well browser versions.

The frequency of Coinbase connection issues is getting very common of late. It has been found that as soon as anything major in the market happens Coinbase dies down and it includes mass sell or mass buying. It hardly matters whether you are on an app or browser or Wifi or mobile data connection. One encounters “We’re having connection trouble, but your funds are safe. Please try again later today” at some point while doing transactions on CB.

Users have been typically disappointed by the site’s performance of late. It appears much more sluggish and unreliable, with users getting logged out a lot more often over the past few weeks. The annoyance gets complicated when one plans to buy in the deepest part of the crash and has sufficient funds but the Coinbase app refuses to work.

Does this mean that one should open up accounts with multiple exchanges to help avoid issues, especially during a volatile market?

Users have been raising tickets and talking to CB support. The latest response is that CB developers are aware of the ‘Coinbase Connection trouble’ issue on the app and website. They are working on getting it fixed. However, there is no ETA for it.

How to troubleshoot Coinbase connection trouble glitch?

Temporary internet outages happen with any internet-based company website handling such a volume of data. However, before approaching CB support, it is always advisable to troubleshoot or do some basic checks on one’s end. Here are a few tried, tested, and suggested ways to troubleshoot Coinbase connection issues on mobile and desktop.

How To Fix Coinbase Connection Issues on Mobile

The easiest solution to fix mobile connectivity issues is restarting the device and updating the operating software. Despite this, if you cannot log in to your profile or explore the same due to connectivity issues, we have some easy solutions for the Coinbase Connection Issue to ease the overall procedure.

Method 1

  1. Ensure the OS of the mobile and the Coinbase mobile app are updated
  2. Clear out the mobile app cache from settings.

Method 2

  1. Switch from WiFi to phone data. The pages sometimes take longer to load using more bandwidth.
  2. Try with an Ethernet cable connection if it’s happening on your own network.

Method 3

  1. Re-install the Coinbase mobile app

Method 4

  1. Sign in to the Coinbase website through the Android/iOS mobile web browser
  2. To stop it from automatically redirecting to the app, use a privacy browser, like Duck Duck Go that doesn’t allow sites to get redirected to the app unless you approve.

Method 5

Try opening the website or portal in incognito mode. There might be some add-ons to your browser that may be preventing the website’s normal functioning.

How To Fix Coinbase Connection Issues on Desktop

Coinbase connection issues when doing transactions on the Website can be temporarily fixed by following

  • Check for the OS version. It should be updated.
  • Restart and log in to the Coinbase account.
  • Clear the browser’s cache and cookies 
  • Update Web Browser.
  • Disable unnecessary web browser extensions
  • If the problem persists, open the site on a new browser or open it in private mode or incognito mode.

Contact Coinbase Support

If you’re done with all the mentioned steps and still unable to get back to the website’s normal functioning, then experts advise you to turn down Coinbase Contact Us Page or Help Center for the troubleshooting details.

The Help Center will ask a few initial queries before digging into the issue to understand better the problem the user might be facing. They will ask the user to supply a support center along with the trading platform and application they are currently using.

They will also ask for the connectivity issue screenshot the user might be facing and the details of the steps they have undertaken to fix the bug. You can also contact the customer executive through Coinbase Support Twitter Account for easy communication. Moreover, their profile will also help keep you updated on recent guidelines and details.

Coinbase Connection Issues on mobile and desktop will get fixed ASAP as per the support. Till then try the methods suggested by their team and keep us updated if you continue to face issues!


What does the error prompt: “We’re having trouble connecting, but your funds are safe.” mean on Coinbase, and why does it happen despite having a good connection?

This error on the Coinbase website states that the platform’s server might not be working for a while, due to which users may not be able to log in to the platform. But, funds with the website are safe and normal functioning can reset in an hour or two.

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  1. I had the same issue with my Coinbase account. I contacted customer service and they were able to help me out.


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