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After significant delays, Kouji Mori and Studio GAGA have paid tribute to the late sensei Kentaro Miura, who passed away in 2021, by releasing Berserk chapter 374. This marks the beginning of a new narrative arc in Berserk 375, signaling the progression of Gatsu’s epic journey toward its conclusion. However, the exact duration of this new Berserk saga remains uncertain.

The latest arc in Berserk 375 is titled the “Eastern Exile Arc,” and it follows Gatsu’s adventures aboard Roderik’s ship. Although the vessel was invaded by soldiers of the Kushan Empire, there were no casualties reported. Gatsu, still weary and unable to wield his sword, was captured and potentially taken to an unfamiliar land.

In the forthcoming story arc of Berserk 375, Gatsu is expected to find himself in an unknown territory, becoming prey to the forces of the Kushan Empire. This new battle may present him with the opportunity to acquire new skills that will prove valuable in his future confrontation with Griffith.

It’s important to note that this saga, crafted by Mori and Gaga in honor of Miura sensei’s legacy, is not the final one; rather, it serves as an interlude that brings readers and Gatsu closer to the impending invasion of Falconia. As of now, there is no official information regarding the duration of this new Berserk saga. However, it’s speculated that the “Eastern Exile Arc” could be relatively short, potentially spanning four or five volumes, with a maximum of thirty chapters.

If you’re wondering about the release date of Berserk Chapter 375 and where to read it, stay tuned for further details and spoilers in this article.

About Berserk Manga

Berserk‘ is a renowned Japanese manga series created by the late Kentaro Miura, known for its dark fantasy world heavily influenced by medieval Europe. The heart of the story revolves around two central characters: Guts, a solitary and formidable swordsman, and Griffith, the charismatic leader of the “Band of the Hawk” mercenary group. Guts is on an unrelenting quest for vengeance against Griffith, who had betrayed him and made a demonic sacrifice of their comrades for personal power.

The Berserk manga’s journey began in 1988 with a prototype and officially launched its serialized publication in 1989. Tragically, Kentaro Miura passed away in May 2021, leaving fans eager to know the fate of the series. Fortunately, in June 2022, ‘Berserk’ made its return with the guidance of fellow manga artist Kouji Mori and the collaborative efforts of Miura’s colleagues at Studio Gaga. The manga released Miura’s posthumous final chapter in September 2021.

As of now, ‘Berserk’ consists of 41 published volumes and boasts over 300 chapters. With the manga still in progress, there has undoubtedly been a thorough review of the release schedule for the forthcoming chapters, ensuring the continuation of this beloved and enduring series.

Berserk 375 Release date and time

The release schedule for ‘Berserk 375’ continues to be characterized by its slow and unpredictable pace. Notably, Berserk chapter 375 will not be featured in the upcoming Young Animal release on October 13th. Instead, fans can look forward to the release of Berserk 375 in the following issue of the magazine, which is slated for the end of October 2023.

Expect to see Berserk Chapter 375 of the manga series Berserk become available on Friday, October 27, 2023. This chapter serves as the beginning of a fresh narrative arc, titled the “Eastern Exile Chapter.” Volume 42, comprising 192 pages and encompassing chapters 374 and Berserk 375, is set to be released in Japan on September 29, 2023. However, it won’t be part of the upcoming Young Animal issue hitting the shelves on October 13th.

The chapter concludes with the customary “To Be Continued” message, instilling hope that the hiatus won’t be as prolonged as the previous one. Furthermore, there’s some good news as well: a week after the release of Chapter 374, an announcement was made regarding the launch of Volume 42 on September 29, 2023. This development is sure to fuel anticipation among fans eagerly awaiting the continuation of this iconic series.

To accommodate fans across different time zones and regions, here are the release dates and times for Berserk 375:

  • Japan Standard Time (JST): 00:00 (Friday, October 27, 2023)
  • Pacific Time (PT) – 8:00 a.m (Friday, October 27, 2023)
  • Central Time (CT) – 10:00 a.m (Friday, October 27, 2023)
  • Eastern Time (ET) – 11:00 a.m (Friday, October 27, 2023)
  • United Kingdom (GMT) – 04:00 p.m (Friday, October 27, 2023)
  • Central Europe (CET) – 05:00 p.m (Friday, October 27, 2023)

Where can you read Berserk Chapter 375?

For those curious about how ‘Berserk‘ was released prior to its localization by Dark Horse Manga for North American readers, it’s worth noting that the manga originally debuted in Japan within the pages of Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine. This publication is typically released on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month.

‘Berserk Chapter 375’ will first be available in its original Japanese format in Young Animal. As for English translations, readers can access the manga through Dark Horse. However, it’s important to mention that the English version is primarily released in collected volume format on Dark Horse’s official website.

The upcoming chapter, Berserk Chapter 375, promises to continue the saga in an engaging manner, providing fans with further glimpses into the ever-evolving world of ‘Berserk.’

Berserk Manga can be read online for free at

Fans in the United States can also purchase online on Amazon and also on bookstores such as Comic bookstores, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million. Apart from standard paperback volumes, one can buy the hardcover Berserk Deluxe Edition which has three volumes compiled into one. Digital online copies of Berserk Chapter 365, at a lower price, can be read on Kindle, and Comixology is available on Amazon. One can order the manga on the Dark Horse Comics site.

Berserk Chapter 374 Recap

Berserk 375 Spoilers, Release Timelines, English Scans, where to read, and more

Berserk Chapter 374 brings forth a gripping narrative as the Kushans launch a daring naval assault on all fronts surrounding the Seahorse, the vessel carrying Guts and his companions. The attack unfolds rapidly, and amidst the turmoil, Serpico and Isidro skillfully make their way toward the stateroom, where Farnese is deeply involved in an important ritual overseen by Schierke.

In the midst of the chaos, the Kushans have a precise target in mind: the room where Guts, in his weakened state, is resting. Had he been in better condition, Guts would have undoubtedly unleashed his fury upon the invading force. However, it’s a relief of sorts that he didn’t, as among the Kushans, there lies a pair of young eyes fixated on the black swordsman in chains. To the astonishment of all, it’s revealed to be none other than Rickert!

This unexpected reunion sparks a multitude of questions and speculations regarding the direction of the story. One intriguing possibility is that Guts may forge an unexpected alliance with the Kushans, uniting against their common enemy, Griffith. Given the Kushans’ conquest of Midland, Rickert’s presence holds deep significance for Guts and the unfolding narrative. It’s conceivable that this reunion could rekindle Guts’ resolve or bestow upon him newfound strength in his ongoing quest.

For now, fans are left in eager anticipation of the release of Berserk 375, which marks the beginning of the Eastern Exile Arc and promises to bring further twists and revelations to this enthralling tale.

Berserk 375 spoilers and Berserk Chapter 375 raw scans

What’s in the East? Will Guts Kill His Friends? Is Berserk in its Final Stage?

In Berserk Chapter 375, a significant turn of events unfolds as Kushan soldiers take Guts into their custody, marking the triumphant return of the Berserk manga from its hiatus.

This new chapter also signals the commencement of a fresh narrative arc, which is appropriately titled the “Eastern Exile Chapter” as revealed on the cover. With this, the previous chapters are brought to a close, concluding the Fantasia arc.

Towards the chapter’s conclusion, readers are treated to the reappearance of Silat, a character who had been absent for a considerable duration. It strongly suggests that Silat played a pivotal role in uniting the remnants of the Kushan Empire members, those who were willing to rise against Griffith following Ganishka’s demise.

The chapter’s cliffhanger moment, featuring Silat and Rickert’s return, promises an exciting and welcome twist compared to the previous chapters that focused on Guts’ struggles and despair. The intense ship-boarding scene, which follows a fierce showdown with Rakshas, adds to the suspense and anticipation.

While we currently lack spoilers for Berserk Chapter 375, we can certainly delve into what might unfold in the upcoming chapter.

It’s crucial to recall that Guts has been contending with significant physical and emotional challenges. Not too long ago, he found himself too feeble to wield his sword without his trusty armor, which, notably, drains him, especially when he loses control.

Guts was supposed to be convalescing in Elfhelm, making it likely that he overexerted himself when confronting Griffith. With the weight of losing Casca once again, it’s plausible that he’s reached a point of profound despair.

Considering Griffith’s seemingly insurmountable power and the recurring loss of Casca, Guts may appear to be apathetic to the consequences the Kushans have in store for him.

However, Berserk 374’s conclusion suggests Guts’ enduring spirit, as numerous Kushan soldiers struggle to subdue him, hinting that he hasn’t entirely given up the fight.

The enigmatic presence of Silat and Rickert adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, as their roles and loyalties remain shrouded in mystery. One central question looms: Who truly leads the Kushan Empire?

Fans are now eagerly awaiting Berserk Chapter 375, where they hope to unravel the nature of Silat and Rickert’s business with Guts.

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