The Major Benefits Of Moving Your Business Phone System To The Cloud


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Businesses searching for methods to improve the customer experience through digital transformation frequently consider shifting their company phone system to the cloud. Moving to cloud communications is a beautiful solution to deliver convenient service to your consumers while cutting costs and boosting reliability.

Customers have learned that if they can’t reach a customer care agent at your organization, there are plenty of competitors who will gladly help them. By shifting your business phone system to the cloud, you’ll get access to features and capabilities that will give your customers and other end users the greatest possible experience. The following are some of the primary advantages of shifting your business phone system to the cloud to provide your firm with a competitive advantage.

Lower Costs and Saves Time

Unlike a typical PBX, a cloud phone system does not require consumers to spend tens of thousands of dollars on hardware and installation upfront. Compared to an on-premise PBX, franchise businesses typically save 50-60% in the first year. They also save money on business phone system costs and continuing running expenses because a cloud solution is only $25 per user per month. For many people, this translates to a monthly savings of thousands of dollars.

Switching to a cloud-based solution also saves time for franchisees. It does not necessitate a specific IT expertise and does not take weeks to get up. Compared to an on-premise PBX, you can be up and operating in minutes rather than days after activating the account. Employees can also manage their phone system options without having to involve IT. 

Increases Your Productivity

It’s simple to switch to a cloud-based phone system, and it’s even easier to install and integrate with your other business systems, such as your CRM. It will manage all of your inbound and outbound calls, ensuring that your customers can reach you at all times, regardless of where you are. You’ll see immediate productivity and performance benefits thanks to a multitude of tools at your fingertips. 

You can never miss a call with the option to synchronize your office phone with any mobile device. You can also sync workplace numbers to employees’ own devices for a smooth call experience, no matter where they are. This means you can keep your existing local phone number as well. With unified voicemail, you can check your messages from any device at any time.

When comparing cloud to traditional PBX, businesses soon see a higher ROI due to the simplicity of implementation and feature-rich capabilities.

Enhances Security

While it may appear that having all of your IT systems within reach is more secure, the opposite is true. On-premises systems are targeted by hackers more frequently than cloud-based ones. Whether you choose a private cloud or a public cloud to host your clients’ systems, you can rest assured that they will be protected. After all, unlike your average IT administrator, cloud providers are experts in cloud security. Even if they had the time, they wouldn’t provide best practices like encryption, security standards, and active service monitoring. 

Time Management and Efficiency

IT workers may administer their systems more efficiently via web-based customer interfaces. This full access to a customer’s system and account gives them visibility into the installation, service setup, issue tickets, training, billing, and call statistics, allowing them to spend less time on project management and more time on work that delivers value to the bottom line.

Furthermore, cloud solutions may easily interact with other cloud-based applications, giving mobile employees access to all of the features and functionality they need to work as efficiently as they would in the office. 

Automatic Backups

What options do you have if your company burns down? What if you receive a virus that encrypts all of your information? That will not happen on the cloud. Your information is kept not only in the cloud but also elsewhere. All you’ll need is an internet-capable device and access to the internet.

Your data is not only saved in the cloud, but it is also automatically backed up with Carbonite backup services; furthermore, the cloud system is built on a redundancy structure, which means that if there is a hardware breakdown in the cloud, it is unlikely that the system would go down entirely and maybe quickly be repaired. 

It’s Flexible

When utilizing on-premise or analogue PBX, altering call forwarding, voicemails, and other settings can be highly complicated, risky, and expensive because changes can only be made from the office. Virtual PBX provides flexibility and autonomy in resolving such situations because you may alter configurations straight from your smartphone while on the go. 

The advantages of cloud-based technologies are undeniable. On the other hand, moving to the cloud is a decision that must be made based on your company’s specific demands and potential. The cloud’s efficiency, functionality, and cost advantages will be increasingly apparent for larger businesses with many locations, especially where satellite locations are smaller and more reliant on the main office. 

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Parth Singh
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