Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 Spoilers, Raw Scans with Vegeta’s unique form!


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The Hakaishin Mode is now available in the upcoming chapters of Dragon Ball Super. Dragon Ball Super chapter 75 is the Newest Anime Series of Dragon Ball Z, one of the most popular anime and cartoons in the anime industry. After a wait of a month, another chapter is getting released today. Expectedly, the new form of Vegeta has piqued the imagination of enthusiasts in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75. It is expected to be an epic battle with Granolah at the centre stage.

With the increasing fanbase, the DBS Franchise is getting bigger. It is planning for a Dragon Ball Super movie to come out in 2022 and the Dragon Ball Super anime’s Season 2. 

The struggle between the Saiyan Prince and Granolah is getting real in Chapter 75. One might see Vegeta posing hardships for the Cerealian race’s single survivor.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 Release date

Chapter 75 of Dragon Ball Super will be released on Wednesday, August 18th, 2021, at 12:00 am JST (Japan Standard Time). The chapters release follows a monthly release schedule.

The English translation, on the other hand, will be released a few hours later. The fans across the globe need to wait a little longer for the English version of DBS. If the preceding timeline holds true, the English version of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 will be available on Viz on the following times:

  • Pacific Time: 9:00 AM PDT
  • Central Time: 11:00 AM CDT
  • Eastern Time: 12:00 PM EDT
  • British Time: 5:00 PM BST

Time is an estimate and is always subject to change.

Where to read the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75?

In Japan, the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super will be accessible on Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, but English translations will be available on Viz Media. The Shonen Jump Android and iOS applications also have the most recent chapters available.

Shonen Jump normally receives the chapter immediately after the countdown concludes, however, VizMedia may have a delay in receiving a new chapter.

If you are looking for reading the content free on Viz, do keep in mind that the platform offers the first three and the latest three chapters only. If you want to read the intermediate chapters, become a subscriber to Shonen Jump and unlock the rest of the chapters. Apart from Viz media, the released chapters are also available on Manga Plus for free.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 Raw Scans

In the August 2021 edition of V Jump, the raw scans of Dragon Ball Super Manga 75, or early draughts, have yet not been published. It is speculated that it might happen over the next two weeks. Official releases for this series are now fairly consistent and timely. The raw scans made by fans are also out. Check them out, likely to resonate with what you are anticipating!

Dragon Ball Super 75 Spoilers

The combat between Vegeta and Granolah on the planet Cereal began with a bang in Chapter 74 of DBS. Even when Vegeta tries to explain to Granolah that Freeza is their shared enemy, it appears that Granolah is unconcerned and still intends to exact his vengeance on all Saiyans.

Meanwhile, the Sugarians attempt to flee Vegeta and Granolah’s explosive battle and Goku reawakens to find his Saiyan comrade facing the Cerealian warrior who defeated him in Chapter 73.

Intriguingly, we’ll get to see Vegeta’s new form in action; he’ll utilize it to defeat Granolah. Vegeta’s new form is named Mega Instinct, according to fan translations based on raw scans; nevertheless, until the official English translation is released, it’s best to take it with a grain of salt.

According to the leaks, Vegeta would take Granolah’s collar and show the Cerealian what true power looks like. The mind-blowing confrontation between the universe’s most powerful warrior and a Saiyan who has unlocked the power of destruction will have you captivated to every page!

The rest of the chapter will be published in V Jump’s October edition, which will be super-sized. There is a wait of a few hours from now when we can read whether Vegeta is able to vanquish Granolah and surpass Goku?

A promo video starring characters from the latest “Granolah The Survivor Arc” chapter is also available! Take a glance at it below!

Share with us your excitement for the new chapter and stay tuned to Phoneswiki to get the latest updates regarding your favourite shows.

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