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iOS 14.7.1 update makes iPhones unusable with “No Service” bug

iOS 14.7.1 update was released in the last week of July, just a week after iOS 14.7 release. The hotpatch was released to fix the login bugs introduced by iOS 14.7. It was meant for all iOS 13-compatible devices including iPhone 6S and its successors.

There were few isolated bugs reported by iPhone users running on iOS 14.7.1. It was assumed that the latest patch has turned out to be a relatively bug-free update experience. Unfortunately, a critical issue has started doing rounds.

Some iPhones in iOS 14.7.1 patch are unable to detect cell signals. They are throwing “No Service”. Many users are reporting carrier services not getting detected with no service getting flashed. Even in the absence of 5G, there is a sporadic loss in signal with calls getting dropped frequently.

Users of all the models including iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone 11 have been experiencing the “No Service” issue post-iOS 14.7.1 update. They have posted on Apple’s forums. Users are trying all possible ways to rectify ‘No Service’ issue as it is making their phone crappy. They have tried the common suggested troubleshooting like reset network settings, switch carriers, restarting iPhone, toggle airplane mode, swap SIM cards, downgrade from 5G! But none has worked!

Same problem. iPhone 6S, despite doing all the ons and offs, resetting the network settings, my phone is no longer a phone. This is great.

However, the Apple tech team has not responded yet. Maybe they want the users to reach out to their support page for the ‘No Service’ issue. Unfortunately, it is very generic and talks about Carrier Settings updates followed by SIM card checks. iOS 14.7.1 users have even gone ahead and followed the steps. But they weren’t able to find a carrier signal.

If you are thinking of downgrading to iOS 14.7, it will not work either. One cannot downgrade because Apple has stopped signing that firmware. In other words, you are stuck wherever you are and wait for the software fix rollout in the next release.

Since Apple has not responded yet, it can be assumed that the fix to “No Service” might drop in iOS 14.8 that is getting tested internally. But in the absence of beta release, it makes sense if Apple releases a hotpatch iOS 14.7.2 for the no signal issue.

Let us know in the comments box below whether you are running iOS 14.7.1 and your experiences on similar lines!

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  1. Exactly my problem following the IOS 14.7.1 Update. Talk with Apple support on phone. Told to reset the phone via Itunes backup and restore. No joy.


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