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Xiaomi Mi A3 Android 11 update introduces green glitches on videos after bricking issues

It remains an industry standard to regularly release software patches. Hidden bugs or issues with drivers besides boosting security can be promptly solved with a software update. However, Xiaomi has been proving us wrong over and over when it comes to Mi A3 Android 11 updates. One of the best stock Android phones is consistently plagued with issues that seem to be carried over from the Android 10. Bugs continue to chase Xiaomi’s Mi A3 with the recent Android 11 update leading to a bunch of new problems thrown into the mix as well.

The Mi A3 Android 11 Issues

The woes of Mi A3 after an update to Android 11 fail to see the light of day. It all started in May 2020 build. There were random reboots followed by frequent system crashes making the device quite infamous. The behavior was unpredictable, sometimes crash happened during the reboot stage.

It further led to a series of hits and misses when rebooting where the screen would get stuck during the restart process. Xiaomi was able to handle the issue with the Android 10 update subsequently. It was not the end of the predicament for Mi A3 users.

At the beginning of 2021, Xiaomi had to rollback the much awaited Xiaomi Mi A3 Android 11 update. There were reports of the update bricking the Mi A3 smartphones. Later in January security patch the critical defect was rectified. But the phone continues to be hogged by bugs.

Xiaomi released their statement boldly claiming the new release of Android 11 with software version in India. Soon after its release on Tuesday, several users took to the internet for expressing dissatisfaction and endless defects, making their devices not usable. It again didn’t work for many users!

The majority of the claims mention the failure of the phone to do the simplest of tasks after the Android 11 update. The slow charging along with the inability to smoothly use any app, all add up to a pretty shoddy experience. There are lags, performance issues, reboots without any reason, videos on phone and on the internet do not run.

There is another bug that has started gaining momentum on the Mi forum. It is related to the Video playback feature. Several users are complaining of green-colored flashes while playing the videos.

Well, about 3 days ago, the android 11 update came out on my Mi A3 terminal, and well, everything is great, but when I see a video or a story on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. I get green stripes like interference, which did not happen to me before with Android 10 …

Saul Sanchez, Twitter (Source)

The problem extends to the use of social media apps as well. Instagram and TikTok are the worst affected while video recordings that were taken on the phone also carry the same green glitch.

It was initially assumed that the problem lay with the hardware itself. But, even after the video files were being viewed and screengrabs were taken, the same green flashes continued to persist.

Credit: Mi Forum

The company is yet to acknowledge the issue. Xiaomi has currently stopped the roll-out of Android stable builds until they can find a stable hold for the latest problems.

What can be done to fix Mi A3 bugs?

While there doesn’t seem to be any immediate reassurance from the company, all we can is put together a bunch of do’s and don’ts to avoid damaging your device any further.

1. Make use of Xiaomi’s Free Repairs

While there are no software patches in sight, Xiaomi has promised to resolve problems of every user facing a similar issue from the Android 11 update. This move allows a free of charge repair. It includes over 2000 officially licensed locations. The question of whether it still is in warranty doesn’t matter as all A3 devices are covered irrespective of the warranty expiration period.

2. Avoid trying Factory Resets

Factory Resets have been tried and tested by the users. While they prove useful for minor issues the Android 11 update has to do with deeper, core software problems.

3. Continue on Android 10

While Android 10 has its tacky issues, it’s better to continue on that platform until Android 11 becomes stable. there is no need for you to upgrade unless native screen recording and status bar padding is really important to you.

That’s all we have for now. If you believe that there’s another solution do leave a comment below. Also, visit us here for more similar content.

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