Check how much you saved on Shipping Charges in 1 year with your Amazon Prime Membership


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Amazon Prime customers are entitled to multiple benefits. In addition to First Only access to Amazon Sale deals, Prime members get unlimited, free, and fast delivery. The offer of free One-Day & Two-Day Delivery is extended to customers residing in any of 100 cities across India. The latest benefit to be added to the evergrowing list is the display of savings made out of deliveries done over a year.

The figures are shown under the Prime Savings dashboard of a Prime member. Prime Savings gives a consolidation of savings done under the heads of delivery and deals done in the past 12 months. Delivery Savings is a new addition on the dashboard. It is an indicator of the effective savings done during the delivery of an item- big or small.

How much do I save with Amazon Prime?

On the delivery front, Amazon helps in saving ₹100 on One-Day Delivery, ₹80 on Two-Day Delivery. Apart from the standard delivery options and savings, Amazon promises 2 hours of express delivery, if need be. For a minimal charge of ₹50, express same-day delivery can happen at your choice of time. During checkout, you will be asked to select any of the options given

  • Same-Day Delivery: Today by 8 PM – ₹50
  • Morning Delivery: Tomorrow by 11 AM – ₹50
  • One-Day Delivery: Tomorrow by 8 PM – FREE
  • Other Prime delivery options: 2-4 days – FREE

At first glance, Prime membership, a subscription service, gives a feel that it is a 2-day shipping benefit only. But there is more than what meets the eye. Prime members have been given access to diverse Amazon perks. Apart from Prime Savings and early access, let us have a look at why the option of Prime membership is worth every penny.

amazon prime shipping benefits
amazon prime shipping benefits

Amazon charges annual/monthly membership fees for giving access to irresistible offers. They include shopping for over 40 million items all year long. Other in-demand perks include Unlimited video streaming where Prime members have limitless access to content from Hollywood, Bollywood, and regional channels.

Another benefit includes the unlimited and ad-free streaming of millions of songs from Amazon Prime Music. Apart from access to content lying on Amazon Prime video and music, you can access Amazon Prime photos lying on Amazon Cloud Drive.

It also allows Prime members who are gamers to have access to select free games lying with Twitch Prime. If you are a Prime member and want to keep your video titles at one location irrespective of their being third-party streaming apps, you can go for Video Add-On Subscriptions.

In addition to 30 minutes early access to top deals of the day, there are many categories under Amazon Prime Savings. It gives a discount on select Whole Foods purchases, Video Games, Kindle First, FreeTime Unlimited, and Amazon Rewards Visa Card. The discount percentage can be checked from the site.

To top all these perks, two adults of a family can create an Amazon Household account to have simultaneous access to Prime benefits and elements.

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

After reading everything about amazing Amazon Prime Savings, it would not be a bad idea to enroll in Amazon Prime plans. All you need to do is sign up for a membership. Both monthly and annual subscription offers can be availed. The Monthly, Amazon Prime price membership charge is ₹129 while ₹999 are annual charge. Amazon Prime membership can be canceled anytime on the Manage Prime Membership page.

Can I get Amazon Prime membership free forever?

Availing membership free forever is not feasible, however, there are different ways where you can trial period offers. These can be especially useful for students or who are running short of money. I bet you would not have heard some. Let us check out some of them below:

  • Sign up for Amazon Prime 30-Day FREE Trial
  • Sign Up for Amazon Prime Student Membership Trial
  • Earn Cash Back with Amazon Credit or Store Cards or Free Amazon Gift Card to fund for annual membership
  • Owners of blogging websites can become an Amazon Associate Affiliate Member
  • Late Deliveries can help you get
    • One month of Amazon Prime for free, OR
    • Amazon gift card
    • Credit reversal
  • Sign Up With New Email Accounts
  • Sign up for Amazon Mom and receive a free, 3-month trial of Amazon Prime

Do share with us what is troubling you most while being an Amazon Prime member.

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Sushant Gupta
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  1. I was skeptical about the charges of Amazon Prime, but your breakdown of the costs and benefits has really opened my eyes. I’ve been using the free shipping option for a while now, but I think I’ll consider upgrading to Prime soon to take advantage of the faster shipping and other perks. Thanks for sharing this valuable information!


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