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What to Bring to Your Exam: Amazing Tips

The state exams are the finish line for every student who has given precious years of youth to higher education, after which only the defense of the diploma remains. It usually consists of questions and tests on the topics that the student has mastered during the whole period of study on the priority subjects for the speciality. For example, for lawyers, these are law, jurisprudence, history of law, and so on.

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Traditionally the state exam is taken at the university where the training took place. For this purpose, a separate, specially prepared auditorium is allocated, where the furniture is set in a certain way to accommodate the students, the committee, and the professors. One day is set aside for the exam.

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What do I need or can I take to the exam?

The list of such things is very limited, due to the special control and importance of the exam for the graduate. Cheating is problematic.

So, what you need to take with you:

  1. What you can use to get into the exam – student ID card and just in case your passport, to confirm your identity.
  2. A credit card is a must, otherwise, you can be simply not allowed into the exam in its absence.
  3. Cheat sheets and drafts for solving, writing answers. Preferably regular white sheets of A4 format.
  4. Ballpoint or helium pen in blue or black. You will also need other stationery like a pencil and a ruler. Before you leave home, make sure that the pen writes and the pencil is sharpened.
  5. Teachers use a red pen to check papers, so the student should not take one so as not to get confused.

What can I take with me?

It depends on the characteristics of the subject you are taking. For example, for the exam in economic sciences allowed to take a non-programmable calculator, if chemistry, you will need the Mendeleev table, for drawing – ruler, protractor, in physics – other tables. If you’re passing exams through writing essays, for example, rogerian argument essay, probably you will be allowed to use only one pen.

If you take a creative exam, respectively, you need to bring paints, liners, coloured pencils, and other artistic tools.

However, before you take things to the exam that are not related to the subject, but help to calm down, concentrate, you should ask the examiner. These may be items such as watches – to keep track of time, earplugs to help focus in silence

In any case, it is always allowed to take water with you to quench your thirst (usually the exam in summer or late spring, which means it is not excluded from the heat), and to calm down a little. They may allow you to take chocolate with you, it will quench your hunger and lift your spirits.

It sounds unscientific, but sometimes a talisman helps a lot – lucky socks, toys, and other things that instil in us a sense of luck. The placebo effect has not been cancelled.  Medications. They should be taken only if you take a course and cannot interrupt it, or in the presence of chronic diseases that may worsen.

Do not be fond of sedatives such as motherwort and valerian. These drugs cause drowsiness, lethargy and impair concentration.

Just in case, it is worth checking all documents before you go to the exam. Although copying will be almost impossible, no one forbade cheating, so it is good to repeat the material, look through textbooks, notebooks, the Internet. In general, to use all available means. 

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