Gboard update brings weird lags, freezes, and input delays! Here’s a workaround!


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Gboard is one of the most popular apps on the play store with more than a billion downloads. It is the default typing app on most Android devices. The reason being its simplicity, smart suggestions, keywords, and variety of native languages. In fact, Gboard offers more than 500 native languages. No other typing app comes even close. With such a huge user base, it’s baffling that the recent Gboard update is not up to the mark. Users are facing serious issues with the app after the latest Gboard update. 

A typing app runs on countless other applications which is why a shoddy update is worse than anything. And that’s exactly what is happening with Gboard’s latest update. Users are complaining that their Gboard stutters mid-sentence and then catches up after 3-5 seconds. After collapsing the keyboard and reopening it, the initial swipe is delayed. It is found to happen more frequently when typing and editing large paragraphs. This started happening after the recent July 7 Gboard update.

Apart from this people are also complaining of lags and input delays on their Gboard. One can imagine how irritating these lagging issues must be while typing out something.

The stuttering issue of Gboard is pretty widespread. One can find many threads on Reddit.

At first most of the complainants were from Google Pixel owners. Majorly Pixel 5 users were the most troubled lot. Hence people thought that the bug has something to do with the Pixel device. But soon complainants from other mobile brands also emerged, namely Xiaomi and Samsung.

A user wrote on the community, saying he switched to the Samsung default keyboard since Gboard was lagging heavily. This clearly indicates that the issue lies with the recent Gboard updates. Bugs are pretty common with most app updates but since this time it’s Google, users are quite taken aback. 

When the complaints began to grow in numbers, someone pointed out that it could be because of a server-side change. Server-side refers to all the various operations that are performed by the server in a server-client relationship. It’s a bit of a technical glitch. People reached this conclusion after checking the date of the recent Gboard update on their devices. This reason made sense as the problem isn’t widespread. Only a few models are facing this issue and it could be because they all are on the same server. 

However, nothing is certain as of now. Google, officially hasn’t acknowledged these issues. But we have a workaround for you.

Potential Solution to Gboard update issue

However, if you are facing these issues, the solution is quite simple. Several users pointed out that simply installing the latest beta version of Gboard will solve the issue. You can even uninstall and then re-install the app.

To get the beta version for the latest Gboard update, open Google Play Store. Scroll past the update/ install button. Look for the option “Join The Beta” and enlist. Install it and hopefully, it will resolve all your lagging troubles.

But again, we’d like to remind you that beta versions are mostly to test the app before the launch. Hence it is highly likely that it will have some minor issues or bugs. But apart from that, your Gboard should run smoothly. One can also install beta from APK mirror.

This is a tried and tested way to resolve the issue so you can trust us for this.


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