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When you decide to take part in any serious project, whether it’s a big company stint or a startup, you will undoubtedly find the need to distinguish between your work and your personal life. Moreover, usually, people require reliable communication lines. A virtual number (VN) allows you to take advantage of the traditional regular phone functions and make use of the digital environment at the same time. Even if you don’t plan on starting your own company, VNs are also a great solution for any user who needs to avoid unwanted calls or just have a secure number to contact someone.

What is a VN?

It’s a well-known nine-digit telephone number that is not associated with a physical cable but uses the Internet to communicate with other subscribers. It should be noted that the VN renting does not mean any changes in the way other subscribers communicate with you, everything remains invariably familiar.

What is a VN for?

Let’s say you need a mobile or landline phone to work and you don’t want to share your personal number. It will be more convenient to share your VN with your partners and clients. All the incoming calls will be forwarded and you’ll understand that the call is coming to your work number.

Another useful feature of VNs is special mobility. You are able to manage the communications of your company from anywhere in the world. The location does not matter since the work of the VN remains unchanged. You will probably want to represent your brand internationally while being a freelancer or a small business runner. Digital media makes it easy to do this via a website, email, or other online platforms. However, it is often necessary to make phone calls as well, especially when it comes to an urgent matter or a more detailed discussion.

Great attention should be paid to the toll-free numbers (8 800 code), as they increase the credibility of the company. Moreover, the organization takes over the payment of long-distance calls. The mentioned VN of a particular locality organically pours the company into the local market.

What are the peculiarities of VN?

There are special IP-telephony services that allow you to choose a VN of various countries. Many customers are paying special attention to the number in Germany as the Freezvon Company brings the possibility to choose among different area codes and pick up the subscription period for 1-12 months. Here you can get a number for SMS, receiving calls, fax, etc. Communication quality is always perfect. There is a customer support team that can help you solve any problem.

The company guarantees high-level confidentiality. The service is connected very quickly and commonly depends on the various moments but the specialists do their best to perform all the connection procedures as soon as possible. Payment can be made in any convenient way for the customer.

You need to take a few simple steps to get a VN. First, it’s important to sign up on the site. Then it’s essential to log in to the web resource and select the required services from the list. The cost of the number connection service depends on which country number you need, as well as on the selected billing plan.

Is VN only for calls?

A VN can be used for various actions and sometimes numbers are rented for SMS receiving. Such a solution has lots of advantages and it’s essential to highlight some of them.

  • Connection is performed without the need to purchase a SIM card.
  • There’s no need for an additional telephone or SIM card slot.
  • The connection can be available for a short period.
  • Messages are forwarded to any suitable device.
  • The user gets convenient management of a large number of incoming SMS.
  • Emphasis was placed onto the personal information confidentiality.
  • There’s an inexpensive SMS forwarding to email and to any other mobile number.
  • The user can easily make convenient and quick online changes of call forwarding settings.
  • There’s a possibility to manage multiple numbers in one personal account.

Such a number can be used to receive fax messages. Messages are redirected to an email account in this case. The documents come in PDF format. This service has a very big advantage: there is no need to spend money on expensive faxes. The process of receiving messages is fully automated. The human factor is completely excluded in this case – absolutely all messages will be accepted. And, among other things, there will be no unnecessary printed documents that usually clutter the office, so, such a way of receiving will save paper. The required message can be found very easily in your mailbox.

As you can see, a VN has many advantages and useful features but you need to choose the right service in order to get all of them. Once all the features are checked in practice, companies become regular customers and rent VN for an extended period.

Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne
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