Is there a fix to YouTube’s “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos” error message?


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YouTube’s decision to crack down on users who utilize ad-blockers is part of its broader strategy to address declining ad revenues and encourage more users to subscribe to its paid Premium service. This move has frustrated some YouTube users, as they are now faced with a pop-up message warning them that “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos” if they continue to use ad-blockers. Here are some key points to consider about this situation:

YouTube, a popular online video-sharing platform, relies heavily on revenue generated from advertisements. However, like many tech companies, YouTube has been facing challenges with a decline in ad revenues. This decline could be due to various factors, such as increased competition or shifts in user behavior.

To counter the decline in ad revenues, YouTube has adopted a two-fold strategy. First, they’ve increased the number of ads shown to users during video playback. More ads mean more opportunities to generate revenue from advertisers.

Secondly, YouTube is actively promoting its paid subscription service called YouTube Premium. This service offers an ad-free viewing experience, offline video downloads, and other premium features in exchange for a subscription fee. Encouraging users to opt for YouTube Premium can help supplement ad revenues and diversify their revenue streams.

To further boost ad revenues, YouTube is taking measures to discourage the use of ad-blockers. Ad-blockers prevent ads from displaying, thereby impacting the revenue generated from advertisements. YouTube is alerting users who employ ad-blockers with a pop-up message, “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos” unless they turn off the ad-blocker.

The notification from YouTube states, “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos – It looks like you may be using an ad blocker. Video playback will be blocked unless YouTube is allowed or the ad blocker is disabled.”

This change is causing frustration among some YouTube users. People who have been using ad-blockers to avoid ads during their viewing experience are now faced with a choice: either disable their ad-blockers and endure the ads or subscribe to YouTube Premium to enjoy an ad-free experience. Some users may find these options inconvenient or undesirable, leading to frustration.

In summary, YouTube’s strategy involves increasing ad frequency and encouraging users to subscribe to YouTube Premium, while also attempting to limit the use of ad-blockers to maximize ad revenues. However, this approach has upset users who value an ad-free experience or are reluctant to pay for a subscription. The ultimate impact of these changes on YouTube’s user base and revenue remains to be seen.

What does YouTube’s “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos” error message mean?

YouTube is displaying “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos” error message for users who utilize ad blockers, warning them that the video player will be blocked after watching three videos. The purpose of this message is to deter users from skipping ads without opting for YouTube Premium, a subscription service that offers an ad-free viewing experience.

In June, reports emerged about YouTube conducting experiments to block ad blockers on its platform. A Redditor, Reddit_n_Me, shared a screenshot showing a message received from YouTube, indicating that the video player would be blocked after watching three videos.

The “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos” error message pops up when users with ad blockers attempt to stream content on YouTube, they encounter a black screen, signaling the blocking of the video player. The message presented two options: allowing YouTube ads or trying out YouTube Premium to skip all ads. To regain access to the video, users must either disable their ad blockers to allow ads or subscribe to YouTube Premium for an uninterrupted ad-free experience.

This move by YouTube would essentially restrict users with ad blockers unless they disable them or subscribe to YouTube Premium, which offers an ad-free experience.

However, this approach by YouTube has faced backlash from users who express dissatisfaction about having to pay an additional fee for an ad-free experience through YouTube Premium. Many users prefer using ad blockers to skip ads without incurring extra costs.

YouTube presents users with two main choices: disabling their ad blockers to view ads or subscribing to YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience. YouTube clarified that in extreme cases where users persistently ignore requests to disable their ad blockers, playback may be temporarily disabled. This measure, however, will only be taken if viewers consistently disregard repeated requests to enable ads.

To ensure uninterrupted video playback, YouTube advises users to either allow ads by keeping their ad blockers off or opt for an ad-free experience by subscribing to YouTube Premium.

In summary, YouTube is implementing measures to encourage ad viewing by users, providing options like disabling ad blockers or subscribing to YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience. Nevertheless, this move has been met with criticism from users who believe they should not be required to pay extra to enjoy ad-free streaming. YouTube is striving to balance revenue generation through ads while considering user preferences for an ad-free viewing experience.

How to get past YouTube Blocking Adblockers?

The message “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos” suggests there’s a method to bypass this block, but it’s important to note that using methods to circumvent YouTube’s intended functionality may be against their policies.

While I can provide information on ad-blocking workarounds, it’s important to note that using workarounds to bypass measures set by YouTube or any other platform may potentially violate their terms of service or policies. It’s essential to respect the policies and guidelines set by the platform. If you have concerns about YouTube’s ad policies, it’s advisable to reach out to them directly or seek legal advice.

However, if you’re looking for legitimate alternatives to enjoy ad-free content or enhance your YouTube experience without violating any policies, here are some suggestions to bypass te error message “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos”:

YouTube Premium Subscription

YouTube offers a premium subscription service, YouTube Premium, which allows ad-free streaming, background play, and offline downloads. Subscribing to YouTube Premium provides an uninterrupted experience while supporting content creators.

Support Content Creators Directly

Consider supporting your favorite content creators through platforms like Patreon, where you can contribute directly to them. In return, some creators may offer ad-free access to their content or other perks.

Use Ad-Supported Platforms

Explore alternative platforms that offer ad-supported content. There are several streaming services and websites that provide free content with ads, similar to YouTube.

Ad-Free Browser Extensions

Some browser extensions offer an ad-free browsing experience by filtering out ads. Ensure you choose extensions that comply with the policies of the websites you visit.

Browser extensions (e.g., Video DownloadHelper for Firefox, SaveFromNet Helper for Chrome) can assist in downloading YouTube videos directly from your browser. Install the extension, visit the YouTube video page, and click the download button.

YouTube Vanced (Android)

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of YouTube for Android that offers an ad-free experience, background playback, and other features. However, be cautious about third-party apps and ensure you’re obtaining them from reputable sources.

Whitelist YouTube on Ad Blockers

Whitelisting YouTube on your ad blocker means allowing YouTube to display ads even while your ad blocker is active. However, this also implies that you will lose some benefits of using an ad blocker, such as faster page loading and lower data usage. Here’s a guide on how to whitelist YouTube on ad blockers:

  1. Identify Your Ad Blocker Icon: While on YouTube, locate and click the icon of your ad blocker in your browser. The icon might resemble a stop sign, shield, or have a similar appearance. In this example, we’ll demonstrate using AdBlock on Google Chrome.
  2. Find the Whitelisting Option: Look for an option that typically says “Pause on this site,” “Disable on this site,” or uses similar wording.
  3. Choose the Whitelisting Option: Click on “Always” or a similar option to whitelist YouTube and confirm your choice. You may need to refresh the page for the changes to take effect.
  4. Enjoy Ad-Supported YouTube: Once whitelisted, you can enjoy using YouTube without the fear of being blocked while ads are displayed.

By whitelisting YouTube, you are supporting the platform by allowing ads to be shown, which helps content creators and the platform itself. Keep in mind that while whitelisting enables you to enjoy YouTube without interruptions, it comes at the cost of seeing ads and potentially experiencing slower page loading and increased data usage.

Using Third-Party Apps or Websites

There are various third-party apps and websites that allow you to download YouTube videos. Make sure to choose reputable and safe options. Here’s a general process:

  • Copy the YouTube video URL.
  • Open a trusted YouTube video downloader website or app.
  • Paste the URL in the provided field.
  • Choose the desired video format and quality.
  • Click the download button.

Some popular websites include Y2Mate, KeepVid, and SaveFromNet. For apps, TubeMate (Android) and Documents by Readdle (iOS) are options.

Workarounds by YouTube users to fix “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos”

Share and Embed video

One such is suggested by a Twitter user who has circumvented adblockers by Clicking on the share button and then Tapping on the embed feature. For the time being it has found to work.

Open in Private Tab

Adblock is not disabled when YouTibe videos are opened in the private tab of FireFox

3rd Party Apps

Is there a fix to YouTube's "Video player will be blocked after 3 videos" error message?

For PC – Freetube, Firefox with ublock origin (settings shared), invidious instances, Brave

For Android – Newpipe, Clipious, invidious instances, Firefox with ublock origin.

To activate Ublock, go to the settings and copy paste the code to the import slot at the end. Apply changes and you are done. If it doesn’t work, turn off all other ad block addons and that should do the trick.  If you are using Adblock put it on pause. Sign out of your YouTube Account. Download uBlock Origin. Start it up.


Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) with built-in ad blockers or configuring a VPN to restrict connections to specific ad-related links can indeed help filter out suspected ads and enhance your online browsing experience. VPNs with ad-blocking features often block requests to known ad servers, preventing ads from being displayed.

When configuring a VPN to block connections to common web ad companies, you essentially prevent your device from loading content from those specific domains, effectively blocking the associated ads. This can help in reducing unwanted advertisements during your browsing sessions.

Always prioritize respecting platform policies and guidelines when seeking alternatives to ad-blocking and error messages like “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos”. If you’re dissatisfied with YouTube’s ad approach, providing feedback to the platform or exploring legitimate ad-free options is encouraged.

How much does a YouTube Premium subscription cost?

YouTube Premium is available at a monthly cost of $13.99, providing users the option to test the service with a 1-month free trial. Subscribers have the flexibility to cancel at any time if they are not satisfied with the offering.

This premium subscription offers an ad-free streaming experience, ensuring viewers can enjoy content without interruptions from advertisements. Additionally, users can play videos in the background even when their phone screen is locked.

A notable feature of YouTube Premium is the ability to download videos for offline viewing, allowing users to watch their desired content later, even without an internet connection. Furthermore, YouTube Premium provides access to YouTube Music Premium, allowing uninterrupted listening to favorite songs and music.

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