Transform Your Project Approach: Advanced SharePoint Implementation Techniques


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The deployment of SharePoint may have been planned with the best intentions for management and the IT staff. But if you don’t have a thorough development framework and plan that takes everything into account, you’ll have problems. The incorrect identification of business goals, bad architecture, and design planning, leaving security blind spots open, and developing an ineffective content management strategy are a few factors that might make your SharePoint project go awry. Here, you can find some implementation techniques to make your SharePoint Implementation process smoother. 

Why do you need to change your project management approach? 

The possibility of achieving company objectives with fair change management is three times more than with poor change management. The value of focusing on being proficient in change remains consistent, regardless of the metrics used to gauge exceptional change management. Indeed, while several factors such as having the right team, an achievable timetable, a sufficient budget, and effective communication influence a project’s success, it’s evident that a robust change management strategy bolsters the likelihood of a project reaching its intended conclusion. For those considering a platform shift in their project management approach, one recommendation is to implement SharePoint for project management, as it gives a suite of tools and techniques to streamline the transition and ensure smoother processes.

Analyze current SharePoint limitations

It’s really important to start with analyzing your current SharePoint because by identifying the missing areas, you create a better management system.  Implement SharePoint for project management

The analysis may include:

  • conducting surveys with all users 
  • reviewing previous requests with a support team
  • Measuring the loading time for all the pages
  • identifying issues with the existing version or storage

Based on that analysis, using SharePoint for project management can help you create better sites that reflect your project outline. 

Integrate with Microsoft Teams for enhanced collaboration

In today’s decentralized, remote workplaces, collaboration is a key element of the majority of firms. Users now have more freedom and control to complete their tasks more effectively, thanks to the combination of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams. To Integrate them into your workspace, you may encounter these options.

  1. Activate the connection between Microsoft Teams channels and Dynamics 365 records. Only from within Microsoft Teams is it possible to pin records or views using this functionality.
  2. Activate the “Enhanced Microsoft Teams Integration” setting. This expands the capability to pin Dynamics 365 records or views as well.
  3. Activate the confidential labels. This option, which can be used to create/use private Teams and add sensitivity/confidentiality labels, is only accessible when the advanced integration is enabled. It will prompt the administrator to sign if you click it.

Design complex and adaptive workflows using Power Automate

Users can develop and automate processes across a variety of applications and services using Microsoft Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow), a cloud-based tool. When you use Sharepoint for business processes while working with different applications, executing operations like sending notifications, copying files, and gathering data can be done automatically. Also, automation is made to assist users in streamlining repetitive chores, automating procedures, and enhancing communication and collaboration within their organization. Users can increase efficiency and productivity by automating repetitive and time-consuming operations, so they have more time to concentrate on work that has a higher value.

Build advanced project dashboards with real-time data

A real-time dashboard is an interactive depiction of real-time data that shows constantly updated parameters. It can support multiple concurrent viewers at once, updates almost instantly, and incorporates only a few seconds of old material. Real-time dashboards draw in data as it is created, processed, or altered, as opposed to conventional business intelligence dashboards that update on a periodic or batch basis, giving an instantaneous snapshot of a system or process. The typically real-time dashboard consists of: 

  • Data Sources
  • Data Processing Engine
  • Visualization Layer
  • Interactive Controls

Ensure compliance with industry regulations 

A key component of regulatory compliance is security. Access restrictions, encryption, and multi-factor authentication are just a few of the security capabilities that SharePoint Online provides that can assist businesses in protecting sensitive data and ensuring regulatory compliance. Businesses can lessen the risk of data breaches and non-compliance by utilizing these security elements to ensure that only authorized people have access to critical information.

Why do you need to use these techniques for your project’s success? 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the start of a project because there are so many unknowable factors. This is where a SharePoint “treatment” is beneficial. Choosing different techniques and transitioning your project’s approach becomes a project management technique. They serve as your main route. Using project management techniques will ensure that nothing is left to chance by arranging all the moving pieces of your project into a logical sequence of tasks. You’ll be guaranteed that you complete the project by following it step-by-step. Picking some of these mentioned while using SharePoint will depend on your team and the type of project you’re working on. Every time you handle a project, you might decide against using the same approach, which is acceptable. Remember, your project should accommodate the technique you’ve selected. 

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