Video Games That Are Perfect for a Date with a Person Over 50


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Video games are an increasingly common pastime for people over the age of 50. Although some people believe that older people do not like video games, you have to consider that the generation now over 50 were the first ones to buy and own home consoles.

With that in mind, many individuals in that age group now have two goals in life: spending more time relaxing and finding romantic partners with whom to spend their golden years. Take a look at the video games that are perfect for a date if you’re going out with someone over 50.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft, or WoW, has been out for the better part of two decades. The people who were young adults when the game was released are now in their middle age, and the game has a lot of excitement to offer. This game is perfect for a date because you can spend time with your partner doing meaningful progression in the game’s dungeons, raids, leveling, and general questing. World of Warcraft has been incredibly effective at connecting people in the past, even resulting in some marriages.

Words with Friends

Another great game to have for your date is Words with Friends. Older people are trying to keep their minds sharp and play competitively against other people. The game is similar to Scrabble, so it’s all about making the perfect words out of the right combination of random letters assigned to you. The program is easy to find and even easier to figure out for people who are not too familiar with video games. The game is perfect over a glass of wine.

Final Fantasy VI

Not all older people are looking for something that requires an internet connection. Instead, they might wish to break out of their old consoles and take a trip down memory lane with their romantic partner. In this case, Final Fantasy VI is a great game to play.

It’s one of the few two-player RPGs of the era, and it comes with an amazing story to tell. You and your partner can play this game for hours at a time, reliving the older days when this game was brand new. You’re bound to have an amazing adventure playing this title if you have SNES.

Fantasy Sports Games

Sometimes, the real world and the digital one combine to form an amazing hybrid. In the case of sports, you will often see that fantasy games are available for them. In other words, you build a team using existing players, and their success or failure on the field translates to your game’s outcomes.

Entire leagues have been formed around the idea of fantasy sports games. It is possible to find fantasy sports games for just about every sport out there today, from Cricket to Football and even American Football. Load up the game, create a team with or against your partner, and then watch the match unfold to see how you do.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing is a relatively new game, so it’s perfect for older people who have kept up with video games in recent years. The basis of the game is to go around an island, collecting items, trading them for cash, and then using the cash to buy a bigger house while decorating and customizing the area.

The game can be very complex, and it’s one that millions of people spent time playing since the game launched. It’s easy to lose yourself in the home design aspect of the game. Best of all, the game is two-player, so you can bring your partner along and show them the ropes or even play online if you just met each other.

Although most people think of a first date as needing to have some sort of dinner and a show, video game dates are a great way for people to start their relationship. The wide variety of great games that exist today combines with the sensibilities of older people looking for romance in a unique, amazing way. The next time that you want to spend time with someone over the age of 50, think less about going out on the town and more about sitting inside and building a town of your own.

Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne
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