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Four Simple Ways to Improve Your Mobile Gaming Skills

For some of us mobile gaming is an enjoyable way to pass the time, but for others, it’s serious. Whether you’ve got an annoying friend that you want to beat, a leaderboard that you want to climb to the top of, or just a personal target that you need to achieve, there are some ways that you can get there. Whatever style of mobile game you enjoy, here are some tips to help take your hobby to the next level.

Dedicated Progress Apps

If you enjoy playing a particularly popular mobile game then your job is going to be even easier. Online casino games, and traditional games that made the leap to mobile, often have entire mobile apps dedicated to improving your skills at them.

Mobile poker is one game that has plenty of training apps to choose from. One of the apps that are particularly popular with poker players is DTO. This app is free to download and allows players to fly through hand combination after hand combination, deciding quickly what the best play would be. Working on staying calm under pressure and perfecting fast decision-making are two really useful qualities for any poker player to have.

Of course, poker isn’t the only game that has apps dedicated to improving your efficiency at the game. Chess is another great example of a popular game that has its own arsenal of dedicated progress apps. The Chess – Analyze This app is very popular amongst mobile chess players, real-life players, and even professionals.

Just like DTO, this app presents you with a chessboard set up after chessboard setup, allowing you to work out what the next move should be. Its a quickfire practice which is really helpful, but also the fully paid-for version will allow you to annotate boards, make notes on your play and generally keep track of your progress.

Knowing the Lingo

If you’re not after another app to download, but would rather focus on some literary learning, then you’re in luck. If you play games on your mobile like PUBG or Minecraft, then you might encounter some words or acronyms that you’re not familiar with. Whilst some of the time understanding these things won’t be important, other times it can be incredibly helpful.

Some of the most popular gaming slang can just be people insulting each other, but at other times people can be warning you of attackers, raids, or even free stuff. If you want to find out more about the slang that gets used on your favorite mobile game then you should keep a note of it whenever it appears and head to Google!

The other way is to check out forums relating to that game, there’ll often be a new player section that will explain the most commonly used slang. Read up on the lists and make sure you’re familiar with exactly what’s going on.

Core Skills Trainers

If you’ve played a shoot-em-up style game until you’re dangerously close to having had enough of it, then it might be time to admit that you need a little shooting practice. Most mobile games require us to be super effective in just one or two core areas.

The screens are too small for us to have to perform more than one thing at once most of the time, so a core skill trainer can be a useful tool to have behind you. If the game you play is super popular then you can sometimes get lucky and find an app that will train you in all the core skills for that game, but if your game is more niche then you’ll have to get a little creative.

Many of the games where people get frustrated and quit require sharpshooting skills. Thankfully, these are some of the easiest skills to train and as such there are loads of apps that can help you to improve.

This aim training app is a particularly good one and although it says it’s for PUBG and Fortnite, the same skills apply to just about all shooting games. Spend just five or ten minutes a day practicing the core skill that your favorite game requires and you’re guaranteed to see results.

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