Why Messaging Applications Are Important For Your Business?


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As a matter of fact, almost everyone makes use of Facebook Messenger, Telegram or WhatsApp and can easily explain why. It is fast, convenient and popular. But what if I tell you that messengers can be also entirely beneficial for business? Yes, it is not a joke and today our team will prove it. This article will make you acquainted with the main advantages of using messaging apps for business. So, here we go!

Growing popularity

To tell you the truth, social media have undergone the peak of their popularity in 2017, and now they are losing their positions. Well, a lot of people still appreciate such sites, although the number of users is going down, not up.

On the other hand, messengers have replaced social media to some extent and become extremely popular worldwide. Just imagine that WhatsApp can boast of at least 1.5 billion active users. Moreover, the total number of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Viber users accounts to 6 billion.  Due to this fact, such apps offer a great opportunity for interacting with potential clients.

Easy communication with youth

As messaging apps become more and more popular, the younger generation tends to use them quite often. Moreover, recent surveys show that young people spend more time on all kinds of messengers than on email or Facebook. This information can turn out to be entirely beneficial for business owners to engage young clients.

Messengers make business communication faster 

One of the main advantages of using messaging apps is that they enable instant messaging for their proponents. Everyone can type, send, read and even reply unbelievably fast! As our experience shows, messenger users are available almost all the time. Thanks to push notifications they are quickly informed about new messages and are capable of replying virtually in a few seconds.

On the other hand, emails are not so good when compared in this aspect. People do not usually spend a lot of time reloading their email pages. Consequently, messages here can be easily lost. Furthermore, you need to specify a title and write long paragraphs while communicating via emails.

And well, what about spam folders that literally eat your emails? Such things do make communication more difficult. That is why by using messaging apps companies and organisations can save their invaluable time for other urgent and vital issues.

Communication options 

Thanks to a variety of functions presented in messengers, you can chat with people not only in direct messages but also in group chats. It will be a good idea to create a team chat for information sharing. Well, some companies opt for making video conferences, but let’s face the truth, not all people find it convenient and comfortable. Although chatting is something that everyone will feel okay about.

No need for a strong Internet connection

Such applications as WhatsApp don’t require constant access to WiFi. Even a weak Internet connection will be enough for making communication possible. What if while having a picnic in the forest with your family an important question related to work arises?

For messaging apps it is not a big problem, even the weakest Internet will help you cope with such a problem. Moreover, messengers are usually small-sized and use very little data.

The sense of community

Thanks to instant messaging and 24/7 connection people become closer. It is not only work that brings different people together, it is also going out for a cup of coffee or sending jokes about serious problems to lessen the tension in the team. Such messenger chats and discussions create a sense of community and unite people by a common purpose. Moreover, sharing ups and downs together also makes a team stronger. 

However, it is important for a business owner to make everything possible for people to feel comfortable and free while chatting. If you are a head of the team, use emojis and some informal words to make others know that they can do the same without feeling fear. Remember that the closer relations you have, the better your cooperation and mutual understanding will be.

Easy operations with files

Another pivotal feature that messaging apps offer is the ability to attach and share files directly in chats. Entirely beneficial is the ability to store important documents and files in a cloud. Moreover, it is quite easy to find everything you need by checking the “ all chat’s materials” section.

8. High performance

Almost everyone has a number of apps on their smartphones that are used on a daily basis. And while some apps just steal our time and disrupt our attention from other aspects of life, messaging ones can become a real source of extra time! 

  It is a good thing that messengers lack appealing photos and videos. It makes people more concentrated on chatting and settling down all kinds of issues. For businesses, it means better time management and instant clients’ feedback.

No extra expenses

 As you know, people can use such messaging apps as WhatsApp, Telegram, and many others without paying for international phone calls and chats. That is why messengers are good for “ business-customer” messaging and team chats.

Although it should be mentioned that such apps can’t vouch for your privacy. You have better options for some specialized messengers which will make you feel secure in terms of some personal data. Well, after reading this you may come up with the question “How to create a messaging app for my own purposes?”

Easy organisation of work

Thanks to convenient and quick services offered by a range of messengers, people may even create a to-do list in chats and discuss with coworkers the project status. Moreover, it is a good way for the heads of the projects to set certain goals and control how they are performed by the workers. 

  We shouldn’t also forget that some problems and questions can arise when the working day is over or when someone is having a vacation. Of course, it is extremely impolite to disrupt people when they are having a rest, but in this case, it is much better to write a message in some popular apps than making a call.

Avoid extra meetings

Thanks to the industrial revolution and the emergence of messaging apps, you don’t have to meet with a person to settle problems or discuss particular issues. It will help you and your coworkers avoid endless meetings and wasting time that can be used more productively. Moreover, the ability to deal with everything via messages makes it easier to schedule your day without unexpected interruptions. 

Everything you should do is to write a short text and send it. Consequently, you don’t need to spend time and also money on commuting and meeting with people. To tell you the truth, this fact is a great advantage, since our everyday life is running fast, especially in terms of business activity. Messengers give the opportunity to separate important things from just ongoing company’s issues.

Makes all workers feel they are equal

  Unfortunately, not all people are capable of working in the office, however, they make invaluable contributions to the company’s work. In this aspect messaging applications make business entities more democratic. It allows people to work from home or any other location without feeling the lack of guidance, accountability, and social contacts. 

 Moreover, we shouldn’t forget about companies that have liaised with international partners. It is a messenger that allows people to communicate freely and conveniently. Chatting may be entirely beneficial in cases when people live in different time zones.

Messaging apps make our life safer

  Well, we shouldn’t forget that we are living in times when the Covid-19 pandemic can’t stop but make corrections to our ordinary way of life. First of all, as we have mentioned above, instant chatting enables us to avoid meeting a lot of people every day. Consequently, it makes our life and the lives of our potential partners or clients much safer.

 Secondly, all companies and organisations should have a “B plan” in case of lockdowns or severe restrictions. Just think of a restriction as to the number of people that can work from the office or a ban on office work at all. Or what about possible limitations for those who haven’t undergone a vaccination?

Some people may not be able to do this because of some health problems. In such situations messaging apps will enable remote work in case it is needed and make all people feel equal. Our experience has shown that people find chatting more convenient than videoconferences due to a number of reasons. That is why this tool is the best one for productive and comfortable team cooperation.

Drawing conclusions

All in all, it’s up to you whether to make use of messengers or not. Although now you know about all the advantages that they can offer. Chatting is a modern weapon which enables instant communication, informing and, consequently, taking decisions. People should get accustomed to new technological trends and advances and make them work for their purposes and well-being.

Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
She knows business processes and operations management inside out. As she understands all the challenges of running a small business firsthand, it’s her mission to tackle the topics that are most relevant to entrepreneurs and offer viable solutions.


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