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There are a lot of evolutionary technologies in the world today. Our daily lives have made it so easy to change that we don’t even fight it anymore, which we used to do. There are a lot of apps that have made our lives so easy and most of them are created with React JS that we’re going to talk about today.

ReactJS is a development framework that many big names use to improve customer satisfaction and keep their brands strong with efficient runtime performance. With a basic understanding of reactjs best practices and security, you can build rich user interfaces to promote robust applications for better customer satisfaction.

Also, when talking about react apps following the trends, we can’t forget to mention industry giants like Netflix, Whatsapp, and many more apps that have been able to improve the customer experience with the help of its great user interfaces since its inception.

React framework uses a JavaScript library that was made and is maintained by Facebook. In JavaScript, React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible open-source library that makes it easy to build simple, scalable, and fast front-ends for web apps that provide great user satisfaction. Facebook engineers first made it for their own web development use.

The reactjs development framework soon became open source, which allowed it to grow even more and become more popular with both individual developers and the best web app development companies.

There was also new information about web frameworks from Stack Overflow. React technology is the most commonly used and loved web framework, and Angular came in ninth on the same list-in case you’re comparing it with angular.

It shows that the react js developer community is very happy with the library and that it is very popular with business owners, developers, and web and mobile app development companies.

Popular Apps Built With React

#1. Airbnb

Airbnb has also added React library to its app for its amazing features. Working with the framework, software engineers saw right away that it would cost a lot to connect it to other native apps. But it was worth it!

There were some problems with React as it went along. It was easy to start with, but there were some problems after that. People who were new to working on react components had a hard time understanding some concepts about status management in a React app. This was the main problem.

Most important for the other side was that they could reuse the code. Most of the parts could be used again and again. Furthermore, React made it very easy to change and improve the code with a virtual DOM being one of the tools.

#2. Dropbox

As early as 2012, Dropbox’s programmers began taking steps to make the service better. There were many engineers who helped write code for the site at the time, but only a few people knew what was going on inside the site. It was chosen in 2016 to start working on the library again.

Isn’t it interesting how quickly you can preview any file at Dropbox? When React is gathering file data, it looks at how many and how big each page is. As the page is scrolled down, it shows a preview. The Dropbox team used a mix of React and other JS tools to make sure that all browsers worked well.


Instagram is another social network site that Facebook owns. As of 2012, Instagram was owned by Facebook.

Instagram isn’t like Facebook in that its main mode of operation is digital photography, with a few short videos here and there.

In 2016, they found it hard to work with React first, but now they can push new features faster and keep both iOS and Android apps up to date with ease.

#4. Facebook

The React.js library was built by Facebook. Jordan Walke, a Facebook software developer, created a prototype named “FaxJS” after being inspired by PHP library components.

Facebook is not only a social network; it’s also – and maybe most importantly – a technical firm whose mission is to build technology and share it with its users. Thus, React proved to be a means of involving more developers in open source as well.


Pinterest is a little bit like a social network, but it’s not really used for communication.

Instead, people share and pin ideas on a wide range of topics, with interior design and recipes being the most popular.

Because Reactjs is able to share code between different platforms, many companies that use it made the decision to use it.

This way, Pinterest could invest in developer productivity in a good way.

#6. Netflix

The Reactjs also works with Netflix — more precisely, on their Gibbon platform, which is optimized for low-performance TV devices rather than the DOM used in web browsers.

Netflix has even written an official blog article outlining how the ReactJS framework contributes to the startup speed, runtime performance, modularity, and a variety of other benefits of the service.

#7. Khan Academy

Salman Khan founded Khan Academy in 2008 as a non-profit educational organization dedicated to providing free online education. Over 6,500 video courses have been generated on the site, originally concentrating on mathematics and science.

The firm has seen several beneficial developments as a result of using React. The team has determined that these modifications are deserving of an update. React Library’s implementation included various critical features, such as element modifications and the reduction of superfluous re-renders.

#8. Myntra and React

Myntra shows what an online shopping site on a mobile phone should look like. The app is very easy to use, from the way it looks and feels to how easy it is for people to use. The Android and iOS apps that use Reactjs will have a great UI and UX because of how well it shows catalogs, profiles, and how to place orders.


Each organization makes every effort to create client apps in order to avoid losing clients, particularly devoted ones, due to a lack of simplicity of use and creative technology.

React is one such platform that any firm can simply integrate to enhance the functionality of its application or webpage. That is why it has risen to such prominence in such a short period of time.

React has been a big change in the world of app development. The examples above are proof of that, but the list could go on and on for a long time. With a lot of benefits, React is going to have a better future, with more apps being made in it and more developers getting excited about it!

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