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Our Top Anime Picks Based on Marvel Comics

Comic books and anime have become a rare sighting but when they do cross over, you can almost guarantee that it will be good.

There are few forms of entertainment that prove to be versatile as anime and it is truly impressive how anime developed and grew in popularity over the years. Not only do we find anime in connection with comics, but also movies, Netflix series, cartoons, and even slot games found at some of the best NJ online casinos. Anime can develop original stories that are inspirational, yet unconventional, which is what is so special about it.

Marvel Anime: X Men

We cannot start this list without mentioning the collection of four Marvel Anime: X Men series, produced by Madhouse. The anime version of X Men provides a refreshing perspective to the other animated X Men on the market. The story is set after the events of the Dark Phoenix Saga and after the death of Jean Grey. The characters feel authentic, and it is one of the best X-Men animations around.

Marvel Anime: Wolverine

Although Wolverine is present in Marvel Anime: X Men, this focuses solely on Wolverine, the lone wolf. In this anime, we become acquainted with Wolverine’s rage and there is also a brief appearance from Cyclops which adds excitement to the anime.

Marvel Disc Wars: The Avengers

A true depiction of Marvel anime, Marvel Disc Wars is full of iconic superheroes summoned by five children through DISK devices. This anime provides a very unique angle to the Avengers as the children try to save more heroes from these DISKs that they are trapped in before the evil guys get to them first.

Marvel Anime: Blade

Blade makes the perfect Marvel character to be turned into anime due to its bloody nature. In fact, Marvel Anime: Blade doesn’t stray too far away from the original Blade. Deacon Frost, the vampire, is Blade’s enemy here too, being responsible for his mother’s death. We also see Blade crossing paths with Wolverine in Japan.

Marvel Anime: Iron Man

Iron Man is one of Marvel’s characters that has exploded throughout recent years which means that Marvel Anime: Iron Man has also made it to our list. The anime tackles Tony in conflict with his suit, the Iron Man Dio. The suit gets controlled by Tony’s old ally, Tony thinking that this enemy was dead. The anime is an interesting story that sees Tony in a different light from his previous tales.

There you have it! Marvel is constantly trying to find ways to reinvent and live through their most beloved characters including in animated series. It was time to shine a light on our top anime picks that are based on Marvel comics. There are many others that we hold close to our hearts, but we had to pick our favourites…otherwise, this list will be never-ending!

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