Attack on Titan Volume 34 sets for final English Release in October! How to order online?


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Attack on Titan is no stranger to anyone and the end of an era with the title has finally come. Attack on Titan Volume 34 is set for its English release in October 2021! The Japanese version was unveiled on June 9, 2021, by Kodansha. The AOT finale volume was designed to include 8 extra pages, and 2 sets of limited editions, Each of these carried a distinctive booklet comprising of diverse Names, mostly rough drafts.

The Attack on Titan Volume 34 Special Edition Ending will include the two Name of Chapters 138 and 139, the ending. The official description on Kodansha reads that few modifications have been done in the published versions of two Name Chapters 138 and 139 when compared to the original version. The two Name also accompanies meeting notes written by Isayama. Attack on Titan Volume 34 Special Edition Ending was listed at 1100 Yen.

The series has grown to become the most popular anime/manga of the 2010s, creating a huge fanbase for itself and the hype for the return of the anime’s final season itself speaks volumes.

Attack on Titan began as Hajime Isayama’s series that was serialized in Kodansha’s Besstasu Shonen Magazine from 2009 to 2021. After an exceptional 12-year-run, the manga ended in April 2021. There are currently 34 tankonbon volumes of the same with over 100 million copies in circulation! The manga is rated 8.58/10 on My Anime List!

*The article contains spoilers!*

Attack on Titan Volume 34 Manga Trailer

Attack on Titan Manga Plot Till Volume 33

From what began as the war against titans after the breach of Wall Maria in the District of Shiganshina in the year 845, Attack on Titan has evolved dynamically. Attack on Titan Volume 33 continues the final saga, the War for Paradis Arc. Historia’s child is born. Eren Jaeger activates the Rumbling and unleashes tens of millions of Colossus Titans on the world.

The penultimate volume of the manga ends with Chapter 134, ‘In the Depths of Despair’. The Rumbling corners the survivors of Marley while the Founding Titan moves to annihilate them. Pieck, Reiner, Armin, Mikasa, Annie and Levi make it to the Spine of the Founding Titan, slamming the Beast Titan that spawns from it.

Eren marches on the Founding Titan to wipe out the rest of Marley.

Attack on Titan Volume 34 Preview

Attack on Titan Volume 34 contains the last five chapters of the series, ending at Chapter 139. The volume begins with ‘The Battle of Heaven and Earth’ Chapter 135 and 136 see the end of the War along with the fate of the remainder of humanity. The last couple of chapters see the world perhaps years or decades after the Rumbling almost eradicates most of humanity. Without the walls, Paradise Island moves towards a new future.

AOT Volume 34 comprises chapters 135-139:

  • Chapter 135 – “Battle of Heaven and Earth”
  • Chapter 136 – “Devote Your Hearts”
  • Chapter 137 – “Titans”
  • Chapter 138 – “A Long Dream”
  • Chapter 139 – “Toward the Tree on That Hill”

Attack on Titan Volume 34 Release Date

The Japanese print of the manga was released on 9th June 2021, marking the end of Hajime Isayama’s epic manga title that has been with us since 2009.

The English version of Attack on Titan Volume 34 will debut on Tuesday, October 19th 2021! The makers have released the official trailer for the manga to mark the event. It will be the final volume of Attack on Titan Manga.

Where to buy Attack On Titan Volume 34?

The final volume of blockbuster action manga will be available to purchase from various websites in both print form and eRead. Within 5 days of its release, Attack on Titan Volume 34 had 897,677 copies sold in Japan (Regular edition + Special Edition Beginning)

  • Regular edition – 819,600
  • Special Edition (Beginning) – 78,077
  • Special Edition (Ending) – Unknown

There are several retail sites that are offering paperback and e-copies of Attack on Titan Volume 34. They include

  1. Penguin Random House
  2. Barnes & Noble
  3. Books A Million,
  5. Hudson Booksellers
  6. IndieBound
  7. Powell’s
  8. Target
  9. Amazon

It’s difficult to believe that the saga has ended but we still have more coming our way.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 concludes in January 2022! We still have a little more to go before saying goodbye to this amazing series.

Stay tuned for updates on Attack on Titan and all the good stuff from your favourite titles. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the Best Fall 2021 anime releases and let us know all you plan to watch!

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