Top 6 Social Media Pages To Follow For Sports News And Scores


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In this day and age of digital media, sports news is a topic that is always in high demand, whether it’s the latest on college basketball, a detailed account of the FIFA World Cup, or the UFC. It’s no secret that sports fans are always on the lookout for breaking news about their favorite teams and players, as well as in-depth game analysis, score predictions, and behind-the-scenes images and videos.

Since most people rely on social media to keep up with current events, sports pages on platforms like Twitter and Instagram are excellent sources of information to stay up to date with the latest sporting trends.

And that’s where this article comes in! Whether you’re a die-hard NFL fan or simply interested in the newest scores and news from the worlds of Formula 1 racing, golf, or tennis, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest social media profiles for you to follow.

BT Sport

BT Sport is a UK-based sports channel network that mainly focuses on football, boxing, WWE, rugby, and UFC news. The channel’s official Instagram page boasts three million followers who are kept abreast of breaking sports news via stories, pictures, and informative reels. Because of the sports network’s exclusivity in broadcasting events from the Premier League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, and UFC, followers of the network’s Instagram profile can anticipate insider access to game previews, player interviews, and other content.


One of the most visited football news websites,, also has a very active and popular Instagram following among sports enthusiasts. The Integrated Media Company (IMC) presently owns Goal and publishes feeds in over fifteen languages. On its Instagram feed, which has more than 7 million followers, Goal regularly provides detailed analysis of football competitions at the national and international levels, as well as exclusive information on players and club operations.

BBC Sport

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has a dedicated sports division known as BBC Sport, which broadcasts and streams live sporting events from across the world on BBC TV, Radio, and the Internet. The BBC’s Instagram sports feed has a sizable following because of its excellent sports coverage and entertaining posts. BBC Sport has over 2 million followers on Instagram, and it provides speedy and extensive sports news, expert analysis, and statistics on football, UFC, NFA, NBA, rugby, horse racing, golf, and a variety of other popular sporting events such as the Commonwealth Games, Olympics, and Wimbledon.


The American cable sports network ESPN has a slogan of servicing sports fans anytime, anywhere, and this attitude has permeated its Instagram page, which boasts over 24 million followers. ESPN is an indispensable part of modern sports culture because of its dedication to keeping its viewers current on the latest happenings in a wide variety of sports, including college and professional football, basketball, baseball, and ice hockey, via instant updates, interesting Instagram stories, and engaging reels.

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report, “B/R,” or simply “Bleachers,” is the official name of a website dedicated to covering sports-related news throughout the world. If you want to be informed about the most recent happenings in baseball, hockey, football, and basketball, along with player profiles, inside scoops, and the latest scores, Bleacher Report’s Twitter handle, which has over 13 million followers, is the best social media sports page to follow.

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