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As a seasoned entrepreneur, you know what role social media marketing plays in scaling an online business. So, if you haven’t harnessed its potential yet, it’s about time you did that. But what platform to choose to start building your brand awareness and attracting new customers? Undoubtedly, you’ll want to tap into all of them to boost your chances of success. But in today’s post, we’ll take a closer look at Facebook and Facebook posts, in particular, and assess their potential as effective tools for increasing engagement and conversion.

Why Facebook?

You know that currently, tons of businesses use Instagram to buy, sell, and successfully advertise various goods and services. The most recent trend, though, involves posting short promotional videos on TikTok, which reportedly helps drive more traffic to business websites and boost conversion. Other channels that are successfully used by marketers and individual business owners are Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, and even Snapchat.

So, why Facebook, then? Well, the answer is obvious. For the time being, Facebook remains an indisputable leader in terms of monthly active users. According to statistics, as of the second quarter of 2021, almost 2, 90 billion people frequented Facebook, which makes this platform appear lucrative to all businesses that strive to increase engagement and their online visibility.

That being said, advertising on Facebook isn’t the cheapest option, especially now that organic reach continues to decline. Still, Facebook offers a workable solution to this problem – Facebook Ads. This magic tool can be utilized by those who want to freely promote their businesses on the platform and attract some potential customers.

However, even if you pay generously, there is no guarantee that your commercial posts won’t be lost on your target audience. To avoid such a frustrating experience, you’ll want to follow some simple rules that will help you create post Facebook that will hit the mark.

Use Images Wisely

Even though most Facebook users are visual and appreciate colorful posts with images, you should be prudent when adding pictures to your post. First things first, you need to make sure that your images are totally relevant to the content and congruent with your post’s message.

Next, take care to post only quality images that won’t grate on your readers’ eyes. You would be well-advised to use pictures of 1200X628 size, which is the default for Facebook. Be sure to use images sparingly. As a rule, one relevant image will suffice for an effective post. 

Mind Language and Length

Readers are lazy nowadays, let alone Facebook readers. What’s more, reading online is slower than in print. So, to make sure that your audience understands everything you aim to convey in your post, try to write in plain English, using simple words. Also, keep your post short yet concise and informative.

The ideal length of a Facebook post is seven lines. This is due to the fact that Facebook shows up to seven lines of the original post. So, the more your readers see, the better are the odds that they will engage with your post and your brand.

Last, but not least, make sure to finish your post with pleasant, optimistic, or reassuring ideas. Your customers should know that no matter how hard the times are, your brand will always serve their needs.

Structure Appropriately

Apart from your post length, you should keep in mind its structure. When it comes to writing commercial posts, the inverted pyramid style is most favored by journalists and content marketers due to its ability to produce an instant effect on a reader. According to the inverted pyramid principle, you should present the most important information and demonstrate your conclusions at the very beginning of your post.

Then, you should throw in some supporting arguments, if the length of your post allows for it. Make sure to engage your readers with the main point from the very beginning of your post. Thus, you’ll encourage scrolling and ensure that those readers that just skim through your post are left with the main takeaways.    

Don’t Include too Many Links

Whether to add links to your Facebook post or not is a highly controversial question. Some marketers urge advertisers not to include any links in their posts. According to them, links detract from the quality of your post, making it look overly commercial. Still, in reality, lots of brands add links to their posts and ask their audience to click on them to ‘learn more’ or ‘get more.’

So, it’s pretty normal to link from your Facebook post. But be sure not to go overboard with links. If you want your commercial post to look perfect, keep your number of links to a minimum and make sure they are incorporated organically into the fabric of your writing.    

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