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New Love Trend on TikTok- Who is your ‘Blue Person’ and ‘Pink Person’

TikTok trends and memes can emerge and evolve rapidly. One such is a moving TikTok love trend “pink person” and “blue person” which has started gaining acceptance on TikTok. It is a trend where individuals are sharing who holds a significant place in their lives by assigning them the labels “pink person” and “blue person.” However, many are confused about what these 2 trends mean.

TikTok has developed its own vocabulary and viral phrases over time and it gets difficult to decode them many times. Few common ones are “For You” (FYP), “POV”, “Finsta”, “Duet” and many more. Let’s decode what ‘Blue Person’ and ‘Pink Person’ trends mean in TikTok

What does ‘pink person’ on TikTok mean?

Within the TikTok community, a “pink person” is being used to describe someone who holds a deep and significant place in an individual’s life. This person is often described as someone who loves, supports, and stays by your side through both good and challenging times.

Based on the descriptions you provided, a “pink person” can be a friend, lover, family member, or colleague who embodies qualities such as love, trust, compassion, and unwavering support. They are someone with whom you share a strong connection and feel comfortable being yourself around. This person is often seen as your hero or someone you cannot fully explain the depth of your love for.

It’s important to note that the meanings and usage of terms on TikTok can evolve and vary over time. Trends and definitions can change as new ideas and concepts emerge.

What does ‘blue person’ on TikTok mean?

A “blue person” is someone who entered your life when you needed them the most and had a profound impact on you. They are described as someone who changed your perspective on life and is a significant part of your life.

According to the definitions you shared, a “blue person” is someone you can always rely on and count on for support. They are there to listen to you when others may not, and they bring out the authentic version of yourself. This person serves as your comfort, helps alleviate your worries, and consistently stands by your side.

It’s worth noting that these meanings and definitions may be specific to the TikTok community or the particular trend you mentioned, such as the “100 ways to say I love you” trend. TikTok trends and meanings can evolve quickly, so it’s always important to consider the context and stay updated with the latest content on the platform.

The heartwarming trend you described on TikTok involves creating a slideshow to reveal and express love for one’s pink and blue people. The slideshow typically consists of multiple slides, with the first slide displaying the title “pink person” or “blue person.” The subsequent slides contain a lengthy description that explains the significance and meaning behind the respective color.

After providing the description, the final slide typically features a photo of the person designated as the pink or blue person. In this slide, users often tag the person they are expressing their love for, showcasing the depth of their affection and appreciation.

This trend seems to be a creative and heartfelt way for individuals to express their love and gratitude for those who hold a special place in their lives. By sharing these slideshows on TikTok, users can publicly acknowledge and celebrate the significant relationships they have with their pink and blue people.

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