Bizarre TikTok Roman Empire Trend Reveals Men Think About It A Lot


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The recent surge in popularity of the Roman Empire trend, especially among men, has left many girlfriends astonished by how much historical real estate it occupies in their partners’ minds. This unexpected phenomenon begs the question: why are so many men seemingly preoccupied with thoughts of ancient Rome? Let’s explore this intriguing trend.

If you’ve been active on social media lately, particularly TikTok, chances are you’ve come across the somewhat unusual Roman Empire trend that has been making waves. While the imperial era of Rome is typically a subject reserved for historians and enthusiasts, it appears to have piqued the interest of a broader male audience beyond what might be initially anticipated.

The latest bizarre TikTok trend involves women asking their male partners and friends how often they think about the Roman Empire. Spoiler alert: It turns out it’s a lot.

What is the latest viral Roman Empire Trend?

The intriguing TikTok trend revolving around the Roman Empire started when Kelsey Lewis Vincent stumbled upon a revelation about the specific historical period occupying a significant space in men’s thoughts.

The catalyst for this trend was an Instagram Reel that caught Kelsey’s attention, suggesting that women might not fully grasp how frequently men contemplate the Roman Empire. Intrigued by this notion, Kelsey decided to investigate further. She directly asked her husband, “How often do you think about the Roman Empire?” Much to her surprise, he promptly responded with “Every day.” This unexpected response left her, and many others, both perplexed and fascinated, prompting a deeper exploration into the reasons behind this seemingly unexpected preoccupation.

Intrigued by her husband’s candid admission, Kelsey shared this revelation on Twitter on September 6. The tweet quickly gained viral traction, amassing over 7.5 million views. This disclosure set off a flurry of discussions and encouraged countless women to pose the same question to their partners. The responses poured in, consistently reaffirming an unforeseen fascination with the Roman Empire among a significant number of men.

This viral revelation sparked a trend, with women on various social media platforms engaging their partners in conversations about their thoughts on the Roman Empire. It showcased a consistent pattern—a profound interest in this ancient civilization—among many men.

Viral TikTok Roman Empire Trend

On TikTok, a similar lighthearted Roman Empire Trend is gaining traction where women are uncovering just how frequently the men in their lives ponder about the Roman Empire. The responses they’re getting have been quite surprising to both the women creating these viral videos and to viewers who may have previously believed Julius Caesar ruled the Roman Empire (but let’s keep names out of it).

In this TikTok Roman Empire Trend, women film interactions with their husbands or boyfriends, posing questions about how often they think about the Roman Empire or asking when was the last time they contemplated it. Judging by their answers, it seems that if you haven’t been mulling over the Roman Empire every day or at least three to four times a month, you might be missing out. The men in these videos respond sincerely, attempting to justify their frequency of thought as entirely normal, even as their partners express astonishment at how significantly this historical period resides in their minds.

The charming disparity in perception between these couples has contributed to the virality of the trend. The hashtag #RomanEmpire is now a hit, amassing over 893 million views, and the videos are racking up hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of views on the creators’ pages.

(@carloandsarah): “Interesting”. How Often Do You Think About Roman Empire


he got so defensive😭😭 once a week is insane♬ original sound – ashley lance

A compilation video featuring the Roman Empire trend’s most popular clips has garnered a whopping 8 million views. According to Insider, the trend seems to have originated from a Roman reenactor named Gaius Flavius, who posted an Instagram reel in August, suggesting that women are unaware of how often men think about the Roman Empire. He advised them to ask their “husband, boyfriend, father, or brother,” claiming they would likely be taken aback by the answers.


He asked me why I thought he has that iphone background for… #romanempire #theromanempire♬ original sound – Georgia Ferraris

For those whose memories of high school world history have faded, it’s reassuring to know that not every man on their “For You” page is consumed by thoughts of Ancient Rome. In one video boasting over a million views, a woman approaches her husband with the burning question, and he responds, “Like the Nicki Minaj album?” (For the sake of accuracy, there’s no album by that name, but the song reference still holds its ground.)

The enduring influence of the ancient Roman civilization on our modern society is undeniable, offering a wealth of knowledge and insights. However, the intense preoccupation with the Roman Empire among so many men remains a bit perplexing.

This Roman Empire Trend raises a curious question: Are men equally captivated by other ancient civilizations like Mesopotamia or the Byzantine Empire? Perhaps we’ll have to await the arrival of the next viral TikTok trend to shed light on this aspect of historical fascination. Only time will tell what captures the zeitgeist next!

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