How To Use Instagram As A Musician: A Technical And Human Approach


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As of 2023, Instagram is ranked as the fourth biggest social media platform in the world. Catering to over a staggering 2 billion monthly active users, not only has Instagram become a place for users to share their wonderful pictures and videos with friends, but it has also become an effective spot for businesses to spread their brand and engage with users. In fact, an estimated 90% of users on the platform follow at least one business account. With its widespread appeal and engagement, Instagram has become a haven for both businesses and individuals to showcase their creative works and get the best Instagram promotion – especially musicians!

The general goal of a musician on Instagram should be to get as many listeners as you can, as well as to gather some fans. With that, your approach to using the platform should be a little different than the average user. Think of yourself as a business! Other than creating music, you’ll need to work on brand awareness, engagement, advertisements, costs, and others.

Evidently, it can get a little daunting. Especially for artists just starting out, you may not have a team specializing in these areas. Instead, all you have is yourself and your determination. It might be the reason you’re here. If so, you have all our respect, and allow this quick read to help you ease your journey.

Utilize All Of Instagram’s Features: Please The Platform To Please Yourself

Instagram, like most other platforms out there, wants you to actively use their developments and will reward you for it. Let’s look at it from their perspective. Instagram has put in the effort to create features intended to develop engagement with their users. As you use these features, you are indirectly promoting it to other users on the platform, which leads to these other users wanting to try it out for themselves. Hence, your efforts align with Instagram’s goals and Instagram will push your content out there.

In other words, get active! Create a schedule and use all their features such as creating posts and stories to not only share your work but also share what’s going on in your life, include stickers, add links, polls, and Q&A to your stories, and put it all onto highlights on your page. 

Instagram is also in a ‘war’ with TikTok. TikTok has shown that there is a high demand for short-form content and has grown to have over a billion monthly active users in a relatively short amount of time. It poses a competition and threat to Instagram and Instagram has now included Reels to cater to this demand. Make use of it! Instagram’s algorithm is now built for discovery through Reels. Photos and long-form videos have been seeing a staggering lower difference in view count compared to reels so this is something that you definitely want to hop on to.

Flow With Human Behavior: A Human Touch To Drive Loyal Fans

Despite getting all the technicalities right, your growth depends on how people receive and accept your online presence. After all, we’re all human. There are certain things that you can do to boost your fan base following human behavior.

Hop on Instagram Live every once in a while and engage with your fans. Reply to their comments or invite them to turn on their cameras. It creates a sense of a personal bond between you and your fans where you both get to learn a thing or two about one another. This is where fans will turn into loyal fans. You may see a familiar face or name at your next concert!

Other than that, repost stories or posts that you have been tagged in. If you have that extra will, personally thank them in the DM! The repost alone makes them feel special as they have had a spot on your page for 24 hours. Again, it creates somewhat of a special bond between the both of you. In the end, it encourages them to continuously post and promote your stuff!

Shoumili Sarkar
Shoumili Sarkar
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