6 Types of Microservices Testing one must know


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Microservices are an essential part of many software development processes. They are the most prominent type of service-oriented architecture (SOA).

A microservice is a small, specific application that offers a single function. Developers can design scalable and modular systems by splitting up their projects. Microservices testing helps developers identify issues in the software before it goes live. There are essentially six microservices testing types that one must know. In this article, let’s quickly have a look at them.

6 Types of Microservices Testing:

1. Unit testing: Unit testing is the most basic type of microservice testing. It tests a single unit or module in isolation from other modules. Unit testing is usually done by developers and has two main goals: finding bugs and showing that there are no bugs. It should show that the module works as expected and should not have any errors.

2. Integration Testing: It is the process of verifying that two or more individual modules work together as expected when they are combined into a larger module. Integration Testing is a process that ensures that the different components of a computer program work well with each other. These tests often require data and knowledge from both the component and its environments, such as other applications, libraries, databases, or operating systems.

3. Smoke Testing: Smoke testing is a type of software testing that can be done at the start-up phase to determine whether a software package has any significant defects and should be shut down immediately if necessary to prevent wasting time debugging it.

4.  End-to-End Testing: End-to-End Testing is a type of software testing that can test the software from start to finish using software testing tools. This type of testing is often performed late in the product development cycle after all the other kinds of tests have been completed to ensure that a product will behave as expected by a user.

5. User Interface/Functional Testing: User interface testing is the highest level of testing because it simulates how an end-user would interact with the system. This level of testing must simulate a user attempting to engage with the system. All databases, interfaces, and internal and third-party services must function in unison to get the desired results.

6. Contract Testing: Each service should be treated as a black box in contract testing, and all services should be called individually and their results confirmed. Any service dependencies must be stubs that allow the service to run without interfering with other services. This helps to eliminate any potentially confusing behavior induced by external calls and focuses the testing on a single service.

Conclusion: Microservices is a kind of architectural pattern that helps develop complex applications with small, independent pieces. The architecture pattern is about breaking down the monolithic application into smaller, more manageable chunks.

Testing microservices is essential for ensuring that they are functioning properly and do not have any bugs that will cause them to crash or go down. You have to have a comprehensive testing strategy in place before you deploy your microservice to production.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes
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