Ten Legs Eight Broken Spider poem on TikTok has left everyone sobbing


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Prepare yourself for an emotionally stirring experience as you encounter the “Ten Legs Eight Broken” poem on TikTok. This piece of writing has captivated audiences by portraying the plight of a spider from its own perspective, causing individuals to reconsider their past decisions to remove these creatures from their homes and personal spaces. The profound impact of this viral 10 Legs 8 Broken Spider poem has left many deeply moved, to the extent that some even question their previous beliefs about the value of spider lives.

If you dare to delve into the TikTok phenomenon, be prepared to be touched by its poignant message. We advise having a tissue at the ready, but only if you believe you are prepared to confront the powerful emotions it may evoke.

What is the Ten Legs Eight Broken Spider poem?

If you are seeking the complete “ten legs eight broken” poem, it can be found on the TikTok account Jacob and the Stone, managed by the user Emile Mosseri.

This viral composition begins by addressing a spider and gradually delves into its perspective, unveiling the emotions and experiences of a creature whose existence is often disregarded.

The poem artfully explores the dual themes of human disgust and fear towards spiders, juxtaposed with the voice of a defenseless creature unable to advocate for itself.

The title Ten Legs Eight Broken of the poem itself serves as a poignant metaphor for the common fate spiders face when confronted by humans: being mishandled, stomped on, or cruelly killed.

If the introduction of this poem stirred your emotions, prepare yourself for the complete piece below.

The impact of the viral Ten Legs Eight Broken Spider poem has been profound, triggering a wave of emotions among users across social media platforms. It has prompted many individuals to reevaluate their perspective on spiders. However, some users have cautioned their peers about the intense emotional response the poem evokes, advising them to avoid reading it altogether.

One user shared their personal transformation, stating that after encountering the poem, they now refuse to harm bugs, acknowledging the inherent unfairness of punishing creatures simply for their small size.

While one user openly admitted their emotional reaction by saying, “I’m sobbing,” another user expressed skepticism, claiming that they couldn’t believe they would feel sadness over a poem about a spider.

The diversity of responses highlights the power of the viral poem to stir deep emotions and generate varied reactions among individuals.

10 Legs, 8 Broken Spider Poem on TikTok

“To the spider, the shadowed creature in the corner of the room, I hate you.

You scared me just as your brothers and sisters did before you and I will tell you what I told them, You are a trespasser that does not belong here.

You entered without knocking.

Roamed freely like this is your home and decorated my walls with unwanted, silk webs without asking.

You may not be the only killer here, but only one of us is innocent and it’s not you.

The spider says to me, it’s brittle body squashed and dying.

It’s not you, either, There is venom infused in my fang-shaped maws, but I was born this way.

What’s your excuse? If you could count your murders, how long would you be counting?

Am I really this threatening?

I thought humans’ hearts were bigger than mine, but you have killed with malice instead of the marrow of your bones and poison bubbling behind your scowl.

And I’m sorry for scaring you, but I didn’t know being seen would cost me my life.


If you didn’t fabricate the pricky feeling of my legs creeping up on your skin while I crawled across the living room floor;

If the webs I weaved were made of cotton candy and captured clementines, cherries, and sweet peas rather than struggling wings and blood;

If I had a pink tongue plush fur, a wagging tail, and four legs instead of eight;

If I had only two eyes, and they were glittering stars and not supermassive black holes;

If I was the same but looked different; maybe you wouldn’t hate me.

Maybe you wouldn’t have loved me, either, and maybe you still wouldn’t have let me stay.

But maybe you would’ve shown me the door or a window. Maybe you would’ve shown me mercy.

(But you are still standing, and I am still sorry.)

I think maybe, no matter how reluctant, mercy would’ve been enough.”

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