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iPhone 12 Release Date Pushed To October 2020 (at least)

Every year September is the month when all of us are glued to watching Apple reveals its iPhone lineup of a year. However, 2020 appears to be a jinxed year. Rumors are going around due to various reasons that Apple won’t be revealing its new iPhone 12 in September.

Apple was also unsure of the possibility to showcase the iPhone 12 lineup during September. The latest update is from one of the key parts’ suppliers of Apple. According to Broadcom, one of the major chip suppliers for Apple there would be a delay in chip shipment for the 2020 iPhone. Experts believe that we will see at least one month’s delay in the reveal of the next iPhone. 

A delay in the new iPhone 12 launch translates to an impediment in the shipment of the iPhones for public use. As a result, if Apple goes on to reveal the iPhones in October, we would have to wait until mid-November to buy the latest iPhones for 2020. 

Broadcom gave the first indications towards a delay in the arrival of the iPhone 12 in June 2020. Hock Tan, the CEO of Broadcom, mentioned that a major smartphone company based in the US would see a delay in its product cycle. It corroborates with the challenges faced due to parts’ supplies. If we consider the major US-based smartphone companies, the first name that pops up in our minds is Apple.

Qualcomm’s revenue indicates a delay

TrendForce recently revealed the data showing that Broadcom surpassed Qualcomm as the top-most IC designer for the second quarter of 2020. This reduction in the growth rate of Qualcomm meant that Apple would need to rethink its launch strategy for iPhone 12. As a result, it had to delay the launch of the iPhone 12.

If you are wondering how these factors lead to a delay in the announcement and sale of a device, then the answer is all the smartphone companies order components for their phones in advance. This process of ordering parts leads to a significant rise in the growth of the supplier’s revenue for a particular quarter. Usually, we saw an increase in the growth of Qualcomm’s revenue for the second quarter, followed by the announcement of the iPhone in the third quarter.

Experts believe that the new iPhones that will feature 5G will see a delay due to the unavailability of components. They say that the travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the production of the iPhone 12.

2020 5G iPhone 12 Launch Announcement

As of now, Apple hasn’t announced the date for its annual event where the new iPhones will be revealed. Going by Apple’s history, it will not remain tight lipped on the announcement. However, with the suppliers’ version, it clearly indicates that the iPhone 12 will not be revealed in September. 

Still, we have to wait for an official announcement before confirming that there would be a delay in the reveal of iPhones this year.

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