Instagram for business: how to be successful and grow your audience


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When you start a business, social media promotion initially comes to your mind, as it is considered to be a huge success for brands of all industries. Instagram is probably one of the best-adapted platforms for business, as it provides many comfortable and effective options that help to launch and maintain a successful promo campaign. However, many beginners struggle with their social media profiles, so here are collected helpful tips and techniques that will assist you in managing your Instagram profile and making the best progress.

Paying For Growth

Social media promotion saves money in comparison with traditional advertising methods, but it still requires some investing. And you inevitably end up thinking if there is a necessity to buy IG live views, likes, or saves; is this the option that allows you to progress on Instagram faster? Or is it just a fraud? Well for starters, you have to understand that along with paid stats, you still have to invest in Instagram  Ads. Views and likes that you purchase on third-party sites can only be the instruments that support your strategy, not substitute it. Purchased stats should be implemented wisely and naturally, so they blend in with the attention of real users and enhance your rating smoothly. Thus, your main concern is still creating organic growth tactics that will work well, so you only need to refine it a little with paid stats. 

Experiment With Formats

Instagram has a big variety of formats that can make your profile look more engaging and provide better activity and increase interest in your product. Videos are considered to be the most effective form of content, so you should focus on that. Luckily, on Instagram you can put videos everywhere, changing the length and purpose of videos. However, avoid turning your profile into a video folder. Mix different pictures with motion formats, so your product is exposed from various points. The ultimate power of Instagram lies within stories. This content type has made a revolution once, and nowadays nothing else beats its popularity of them on Instagram. 

Mind The Timing

Although the platform has introduced a dynamic feed some time ago, Instagram’s progress still depends on your timing. Your content has to appear at the exact time when your audience is present online. To reach that goal you must examine your analytics carefully and see when your audience spends the most time on the platform, and then adjust your schedule accordingly. Also, you have to remember that users expect your activity on the platform too, so try to free the most relevant time to connect with your followers. 

Maintain Consistency

Another significant aspect that drives your progress is consistency. It is vital for your rating, as your activity affects the algorithms. Being constantly present on the platform is about frequent posting too. But do not overdo it. Develop a comfortable schedule that has some time to spare for other things, like actually creating your content. To save more time, use automation tools that will secure your new post uploads on time. 

Tip: Provide some safety content that will support your schedule if something unpredictable happens. 

Embrace Influencer Marketing

Instagram for business: how to be successful and grow your audience

This is probably why all businesses love Instagram so much. Here you can find bloggers with a huge audience for practically any industry you need. Choose the ones that have your target audience and collaborate with them until you are able to work on production and supplying the product. Use the charisma and reputation of the people to improve your own. Try to choose influencers who have a more exact topic range, than lifestyle bloggers. Lifestyle influencers tend to automate the promotion processes and widen the target audience, while people with an exact niche gather a more active and responsive audience. 

Create Good Content

Whatever strategy you choose for promotion on Instagram, one thing is set in stone – you must make great content. The key is to come up with what resonates with the needs and interests of the audience. Remember that an Instagram profile is more than posting product pictures. Your content has to tell a story, provide value or entertain the viewer as well. Instagram sells, but it does it in a more discreet way, as you develop a deeper connection with the potential customer with the help of your brand values and inspirations. 

Communicate With The Audience

Communication is why social media is so popular. Here people exchange their thoughts and share opinions in a blink of an eye. And users love social media shopping as it allows them to talk with brands on a new frequency, in a more humane way. So your task here is to provide professional, yet more live and informal communication, to bond with your customers and motivate them to interact with you more, as well as buy your products. 

Forget About Sales

Social media sells things marvelously. But the secret is that you don’t need to use aggressive forms of marketing to reach your goals. Setting the right goal, which is improving your relationships with potential and actual clients, does the trick. Don’t think about sales, because they will inevitably appear, as you build a strong connection with the audience. Concentrate on producing high-quality content that will please your followers and motivate them to purchase your products in a delicate way. 

Work On Authenticity

Original and engaging content is what attracts followers, and on top of that, retains them. What you have to do is to create an authentic look that will explain why users should choose your brand over others. Instagram is a visual platform, which means that the biggest value of this network has imagery. You must develop a consistent and unique look that will create an association with your brand. Attractive visuals also make your profile look more professional because good graphics require effort. Creativity and signature details make your brand more interesting to the audience. 

Praise User-Generated Materials

Another thing that can improve your ratings and brand awareness is collecting and exposing as much user-generated content as possible. Basically, this is a component of influencer marketing, where your customers improve your reputation as they are sharing honest reviews about the product. Unlike collaboration with bloggers, who usually are paid to promote the item, users do that intentionally,  because humans like exposing stuff they bought on social media. You should encourage your customers to share their purchases online, as it helps you to get more engaging content too. 

Create challenges, and contests, and make your product worth sharing, for example with pretty and original packing, small gifts, discounts, etc. 


Instagram is one of the best social platforms to choose for business promotion because it has many different content options and useful tools for managing your profile. Here you can approach your target audience and examine them closer than anywhere else. Arranging communication nicely makes wonders and helps you to reach success faster. Be attentive to news and trends of your niche and Instagram in general, in order to keep up with the interests of your audience. And remember – nothing can beat high-quality content, and if takes you a little more time to create it, then do so and you will be rewarded with extra appreciation from your followers. 

Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne
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