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How to track a mobile phone without accessing it?

So, you are thinking of tracking your child or employee’s cell phone, but you are wondering if it is possible without accessing it? Then here you will know the answer.

Accessing in a sense that you do not need to have at least a one-time physical introduction of the cell phone for installation; is not possible. Therefore, you must have the one-time physical access to that device that you want to spy. After that, you can enjoy the remote spy app.

Remote spying with a tracking app

Several people find remote spying complicated because they are not tech-savvy. Others are hindered, to grasp the cell phone for once. Hence, you must have a tracking application to solve all your problems. This guide will exactly tell you about the easiest way of spying so that you can monitor the target cell phone with MocoSpy. 

Tracking target cell phone with MocoSpy

You can monitor the target cell phone remotely without even rooting for some features. It is because this tracker is robust and reliable. You can quickly know how to track your target cell phone by breaking all the passwords and emails in no time. Here are the things that you can easily follow with MocoSpy:

  • Text messages logs 
  • Call logs 
  • Apps installed 
  • Videos and photos
  • Chats on Viber, WhatsApp, Line and Kick
  • Location 
  • Calendar and contacts 

Hence you can easily track the cell phone activities with the tracking application. After then you can monitor everything if you have access. 

Why MocoSpy tracking software?

There are several tracking software that claim to be the best; however, they are not that as demanding. Hence, in a sense, you need to find the one which is comprehensive in means of features. This software serves a few functions remotely to track the target cell phone.

Furthermore, the application is easy to use and gives you real-time insight to scan the text messages, phone calls, locations, photos, and much more. Therefore, you can use it to monitor your kids from wherever you want. 


MocoSpy is compatible with all the latest versions of Android. It can release its updates from time to time. Hence, one must need to check the compatibility, before installing the software into his or her target cell phone. 

Pros of MocoSpy

One can have the following benefits of using MocoSpy.

  • Call recording: to monitor whom the person is talking to. 
  • Browser history: in this way the people will know what their target person is exploring 
  • Present and deleted messages: one can read all the statements of the target person either present or delete.
  • Photos: one can monitor the images of the target person receiving, sending, or downloading.
  • Calendar or contacts: in this way one can know about the target person to who is he interacting or what are his plans
  • Location: one can monitor the real-time location of the target person, where he is roaming and what place he has visited. 
  • Kik, Line, WhatsApp, Kik: the person will monitor all the chats, and conversations of the messaging apps. 
  • Screen lock: in this way one can monitor the target person’s screen time either kids or the others on their phones. Hence, they can easily lock their screen with time. 
  • Mobile data: One can easily monitor, and, in this way, they can keep the mobile data under their control to monitor the target person. 
  • Geo-fences: One can create the invisible boundary that will be notified every time whenever the person is crossing the border. 

How to install MocoSpy?

You can easily install and download this spy app once you are following the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Sign up the official website of MocoSpy with email and password
  • Install and download the spy app into your cell phone
  • Get the access key from the MocoSpy team.
  • Start spying 


It is essential to monitor the target person with the spy app. For Android devices, you must install the tracking application or software into your target person’s cell phone. Hence, MocoSpy is the only tracking application with its unique ease of use and features. It is the only reliable, secure, and accurate Android spy app. 

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