An Insight Into The Spotify Playlist Landscape


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Most independent music creators know that getting their tracks added to Spotify playlists can help them get more streams and listeners. There are different types of playlists on Spotify. Understanding how they aid artists grow their audience on Spotify will be helpful.

Spotify playlists

It is necessary to understand the differences among the three significant playlists on Spotify. These playlists are listener or user playlists, Spotify algorithmic playlists, and Spotify editorial playlists.

Listener playlists

Spotify users generate and maintain this type of playlist. Users can opt to make the playlists they curated public or private. Most of the users just created playlists for personal enjoyment. Also, many companies, public personalities, businesses, and others build playlists to promote their brands.

Spotify algorithmic playlists

They are highly personalized playlists that Spotify’s software algorithms automatically create for each Spotify user. The algorithms monitor each user’s listening habit. Then, they use the information obtained to generate the playlists. “Release Radar” and “Discover Weekly” are the two essential Spotify algorithmic playlists.

Release Radar

It is a weekly playlist that is unique for each Spotify user. The algorithm uses a user’s activity on the platform to curate a playlist. Such playlists feature new releases by artists that Spotify thinks the users currently enjoy. Release Radar gets updated every Friday.

Discover Weekly

This weekly playlist gets updated every Monday. It is unique for each Spotify user and features tracks that Spotify assumes a user will probably like. The creation of this type of playlist depends on the Spotify listening habits of the users like:

  • Tracks/albums/artists a user shares
  • Tracks/albums/artists a user likes
  • Tracks users skip
  • Tracks users save on their playlists
  • Spotify editorial playlists

Spotify’s Shows & Editorial team curates these playlists. This team of genres specialists and music experts hired by Spotify comes from worldwide. The professionals create and manage the platform’s playlists. These playlists are the first type that most people think of when talking about Spotify playlists. Also, they have large followings.

Spotify editorial playlists can be context-driven like “Relax & Unwind” and “Teen Party” or genre-specific like “Hot Country” and “RapCapviar.” The editors often test new music on smaller “feeder” playlists. Then, they promote the tracks to playlists with more prominent followers if the music gains traction.

How each kind of playlist can help you improve your Spotify audience?

Listener playlists can attract many streams and listeners for an emerging artist. They can influence Spotify to recommend your music to users via the Spotify algorithm playlists. When users who like your tracks add them to their user-generated playlists, the algorithm notices and recommends the music to other users who have the same listening habits.

Spotify algorithmic playlists can result in massive streams from a highly targeted audience who love your music. Spotify users who listen to these playlists are likely to become loyal fans. However, the users may be fewer in number. These types of playlists are beneficial to talented musicians in less popular genres.

Spotify editorial playlists have a massive number of followers. Artists who got their music added to these playlists can gain thousands of new streams and listeners. However, these listeners are less likely to become active, long-term fans of the artists.

Aim for placements on all the major three types of playlists while planning your Spotify campaign strategy. Submit your upcoming releases a week or two before the release date to the platform’s editorial team via Spotify for Artists. Reach out to users who enjoy your style of music. They will increase your streams and help get your music placement on Spotify’s algorithmic playlists.


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