12 Proven SaaS Marketing Tricks To Generate Higher ROI


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Do you know anything about SaaS and its marketing methods for your small businesses? If not, start to read this guest post article to get a comprehensive idea about SaaS marketing. Don’t skip this article if you try to improve your business revenue through SaaS marketing. 

Alright, let us start right now! 

Everything About Saas Marketing

SaaS marketing is an approach that targets business promotion by generating leads for subscription-based SaaS products. SaaS is called Software as a service. These SaaS businesses market their products in cloud-based applications with standard updates. As a business, you can also leverage the SMM reseller panel to improve your business’s visibility.

Did you know which social media platforms work for SaaS digital marketing? Of course, TikTok works for B2C SaaS business marketing. Next, if you want to improve your B2B SaaS profiles on TikTok, start with the new profile. For that, you should create your TikTok account by generating video engagement. After that, try to get TikTok views to elevate your profile visibility for SaaS marketing on your profile.

12 Proven SaaS Marketing Tricks To Generate Higher ROI

If you are working to improve your SaaS sales revenue, you should work on the SaaS marketing tricks to expand your customer base. In this guest post article, you understand the best tricks that can assist you in doing the best outcomes. 

1. Do Your Research On Customers

Review Your Buyer Persona

Whenever you start your business, ideas begin to work on customer research. Without awareness about your customer, it is unreasonable to make content that drives purchases, generates the best leads and develops the product to grab your customers. Indeed, several companies develop exclusive customer research methods in their business departments by getting 55% of higher retention rates. 

Pro Fact: In short, a report says that the established company gets double the results after customer research based on buyer personas. Next, performing these buyer personas through customer research strategies works best for your SaaS marketing. Above all, you can get the following results for your SaaS marketing.

  • Increased business accounts by 40% per month
  • Reduced advertising expenditure by about 50%
  • Enhanced annual contract values for new customers by more than 55% within a year

2. Work On Effective Content Marketing 

Write Engaging Content For Gains & Retains

If you plan to expand your SaaS marketing with a customer retention rate of 5%, you can enhance profits from 25% to 95%. Yet, when you try at these SaaS posts dominating the SERP results, a big bulk of these factors target potential users and everyone reaching your SaaS businesses. 

Pro Fact: A digital marketing expert says that writing engaging content for customer retention drives sales but not brand awareness. For instance, if you are a B2B sales startup company, instead of creating essential how-to guides and statistics posts, try to create combo content on how-to and statistics. 

Further, try to create high–value content that shows existing users how to receive the best value from your products. You can even compete with others by using ahrefs, the pioneer in making product-based content. 

Pro Tip: As of July 2020, the product-based content marketing tactics assisted Ahrefs to grab 3200+ new leads every week and more than $50 million within the annual recurring sales revenue. 

Do you think SaaS content marketing looks brilliant? If so, check out the fact from the content strategist that creating awareness and retention-based SaaS marketing content is like baking two pizzas in the same oven. So, try on SaaS content marketing for your business perks! 

Make Your Clients Write About Your SaaS Business

If you are working on SaaS business marketing, start with digital marketing strategies, where you can try several SEO strategies. Based on the reports from content marketing experts, the best marketing method for the SaaS business is to request the clients to write guest posts. Also, the SaaS startup clients are the experts in their field, so it would be organic content marketing to make user-generated content. 

With user-generating SaaS marketing content, you can even work on keyword research to enhance the ranking on the SERP results. Indeed, SaaS content marketing is a win-win strategy to generate ROI for your business. First, it was ideal for the clients to show their skills and get business exposure and visibility. It was similar content that brought professionals into the SaaS business pages. 

Make Conversion-Driven Case Studies

Case studies improved the standard value of SaaS marketing and sales growth higher, which helped online browsers expand their Russian user base by 55%. 

Fact: A famous marketing expert suggests using case studies on SaaS marketing methods. It doesn’t need to be the client’s household brand hence a case study demonstrates your skills and the business value for your SaaS marketing. 

Try To Create Pain Point Webinars

Based on this fact, 73% of sales leaders and B2B marketers say that webinars are the best to produce high-quality leads. For instance, popular companies started to use the perfect strategy of webinars through SaaS marketing. For example, every workplace uses virtual webinars for the lead generation of potential clients. Hence, trying to target HR professionals, where popular companies advertise their webinars on LinkedIn. 

3. Create A Smooth Signup Process 

Now, if you have a smooth signup process for your product, it is an effective way to generate ROI for your SaaS companies. If your SaaS website has issues reaching potential customers, the professional clients may try another vendor. Further, starting your SaaS marketing seems to be an excellent method if you try with the user’s email address for the signup process to get a free trial. 

SaaS companies don’t worry about taking the credit card details unless a user experiences the complete value plan offer. It can also increase the signup rate for free trials, yet you should impress the user to get them to upgrade for their paid plans. Further, optimizing the signup process can be a steady method, where every part of SaaS marketing can be A/B tested unless free trials have the highest customer lifetime value.

4. Target On Retaining Your Existing Customers

Customer retention is the primary key for SaaS businesses as the sales nature of the business industry can offer unsure results. Although SaaS works as a massive industry, it seems to have a worth of $7.4 billion during the last 2021. So here is the point at which sales come at occasional moments throughout the year. 

The primary reason for the drop in sales after SaaS marketing is that business professionals look at your products or service’s cost. Yet, these business users may not have the exact budget to spend on your products. Furthermore, even these business users will not have the right time for their business to use your services. Right now, the best marketing strategies that improve your ROI are by retaining your existing customers. 

Fact: For retaining the existing customers on your SaaS marketing, marketers say it is better to focus on existing customers. Also, it costs 5X more to get a new customer rather than to keep an existing customer. 

Retention can work in many ways, such as

  • Try to offer discount deals
  • Extra perks or benefits for the loyal customers
  • Engaging with customers using social media platforms
  • Delivering excellent customer support 

5. Classify Your PPC Campaigns

Search engine optimization and content strategy are cost-effective customer purchasing strategies. So, try the PPC campaign, which works as a paid marketing approach for SaaS. But, if you don’t get enough organic traffic, it is best to start marketing methods to produce more leads for your B2B websites. 

The successful SaaS marketing method is to try variations of advertising and analyze what works better for your brand. Then, try to use appropriate keywords on your ads so that it appears for every relevant search engine query. Yet, how can you research the right keywords and merge them into your SaaS marketing methods? The suggestion would be to use Semrush, a popular tool among SaaS marketers. It helps in finding the appropriate keywords for your PPC campaigns. 

Above all, a keyword research tool helps in performing your keyword research but also assists in building your SaaS marketing strategies and lets you check your traffic from PPC campaigns. Indeed, you can better place it to improve your ad performance. 

6. Start To Display Your Price

Every suitable SaaS marketing method will explain to you that your pricing will directly impact your sales. SaaS pricing is a primary deciding factor for customers, so be sure you are ahead about it with your SaaS customers. Build the pricing table so that every potential customer can rapidly choose whether or not it can afford the price. 

7. Make Use Of SEO To Generate Leads

SEO is another effective SaaS marketing method for lead generation, and it works side by side with content marketing. It targets to drive more website visitors and make your website visible to the appropriate audience. 

Next, using on-page SEO methods can enhance your SaaS business site search rankings and ensure visibility to the SaaS clients by making the search query relevant to your business. Also, you can use SEO to build quality backlinks for your SaaS website and drive referral traffic. However, this task might prove challenging. In such a case, it could be beneficial to consider engaging with a SaaS SEO agency.

Fortunately, you can get authority backlinks for your online growth by leading from a fully done-for-you service in your niche as you handle your most vital business tasks.

8. Generate Leads For Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the general SaaS marketing method where you can start to market SaaS companies and their products. It is where marketing methods target generating inbound leads; it includes content marketing, SEO, and referral marketing; each covers individually below. Inbound marketing gears towards the process of advertising, cold email campaigns, and cold calling. 

9. Generate Leads By Content Marketing

Content marketing is an effective SaaS marketing plan; it combines SEO, different marketing methods, and email marketing. Your content marketing must be a primary pillar for your marketing tactics. Few people consider having a blog with a blog post every often by checking the content marketing box. The input has keyword research, potential clients, and topical grouping. The output has emails, lead generation magnets, blog posts, and infographics. 

Further, everything goes into the plan for content marketing for lead generation. All content requires work depending on the plan. It requires a content short, due date, release date, campaign, keyword, and marketing channels. It must cover just about every content for your SaaS company to create everything designed, planned, and executed to perform the strategy. 

10. Brand Making On SaaS Review Sites

Try to get your product on SaaS review sites, one of the marketing strategies. Everyone’s clients look at the reviews and comparisons before trying out or purchasing a new product. 

11. Try To Use Compelling CTAs

Being a SaaS website, start marketing and selling your product as your website needs to be designed from the core up to interact with your target clients. Every content should interact straight with the clients and talk about the problems and issues that make your potential customers aware of the products.

Yet, several times, you have a chance to communicate what you need them to make. The design of every page should leave no doubt in the visitor’s mind. Show them, narrate to them what you need them to make next. Now, you can start to use a compelling call-to-action as evident as it needs to be engaging and direct. Indeed, buttons of the CTA should be 


Several design companies try to use CTAs to suit the color palette in their place. For example, buttons have a backdrop the same color as several other things. Yet, privacy CTAs need to be unique to make them engaging off the page.

12. Delivery Social Media Marketing

Several SaaS marketers try using social media marketing methods to market their software business products. But, it is a new cheap method to set brand acquisition for massive numbers of people. So, think of the reach through Facebook. 

Before using social media marketing on your company, you should estimate the best social media platforms to reach your target clients. Where do you plan to combine social media platforms for SaaS marketing? Is it either LinkedIn or Facebook? Once you find the best social media, you should look for the average cost to generate leads. Next, estimate if that cost is something manageable for your business. 

Benefits Of SaaS Marketing Methods

Having an effective SaaS marketing method can be helpful in several ways. So how should you benefit from using tactics for your business? 

Build Your Brand Awareness

When marketing content takes five to seven impressions for the people to remember a brand, enhancing brand awareness is mandatory. It is significant to set your brand image and necessary to continue the business growth. With the right strategies in plan, it helps to target more attention on your brand and away from any competitors. 

Enhances Lead Generation

From the facts mentioned earlier about customer retention, it is vital to continue the company’s financial growth. A well-considered lead generation campaign will help bring customers to your front door, with the hope that it will ring the bell and come in. 

Again, generating leads will occur with an effective method in place. By targeting the target clients with the right content, you should often check for the successful ROI on the budget value. 

Have Relationships & Communications With Customers

The biggest target for your SaaS brand is the interaction and association you have with your clients. If you lack either of these, you can’t put your customer retention on the right track. 

You can have more personable relationships with your customers from the above strategies. Moreover, it can help build your trust and customer loyalty in enquiring more guidance and support from your SaaS business. 

From content marketing to developing leads, there is a long list of methods that you should try for your SaaS business. In addition, if you plan to improvise the money you spend on the company, there are methods to your spending. So, finding the best strategies can pull sometimes, and it is not often an overnight result. 

Now, think of what your customers need and what those leads should get from your business conversion. Always try finding what works to elevate your search traffic on your site, and remember what works on your competitors.


SaaS companies are experiencing challenging competition on the market. Hence, deciding on a SaaS marketing method with proper execution is a factor to deliver exceptional outcomes. In addition, these different strategies help generate revenue through the SaaS marketing strategy mentioned above can guide in developing higher ROI and increasing your customer base.

Always remember to constantly elevate these strategies’ performance or even if you have your own to improve them for even better outcomes. Thanks for reading this guest blog; I hope you like this article. Let us know in the comments below.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes
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