Reasons a Car Wash Might Be The Perfect Business for You


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You might be surprised to learn that car washes are very popular businesses. More and more entrepreneurs are dipping their toes into the car wash industry for the several great benefits that it can offer. There are always going to be cars on the road, and people are always looking for ways to keep their vehicles as clean as possible. 

Car washes are popular businesses attracting entrepreneurs seeking high ROI and a steady customer base. The business venture can be quite pleasant when you partner with companies like NCS-WASH because they provide the finest solutions and cutting-edge innovations to help properly run a car wash. With the proper support, businesses thrive by keeping loyal and satisfied customers.

A car wash, aided by companies like NCS-WASH, provides lucrative opportunities for a successful business. You can provide extra services on top of exterior washes, like detailing and shampooing, to give clients the best-looking and smelling cars possible. It’s a business with many repeat customers, giving you a steady customer base. Here are the top reasons why a car wash might be the perfect business for you.     

There Will Always Be a Need

There are approximately 275 million cars in the United States. Pretty much all of them will need to be cleaned at least once a year. No matter where you live, there is a large percentage of people who transport themselves almost exclusively in their cars. That means that there is a big market for your services. It’s also a local service. You can’t lose business to a large corporation that operates an eCommerce store. You can even compete with a chain car wash since it won’t be able to undercut you too greatly. Big box stores can keep their costs low by buying in bulk and perfecting their logistics costs. Neither of these are factors with car washes. 

It’s a Cash Business

Some businesses involve having to chase clients for invoice payments. Or, even if you are lucky enough not to have to chase anyone, you still might have to wait up to 60 days to receive payment once the invoice and grace period goes by. With a car wash, you receive payment immediately. You can be confident that as a car is driving out of your roll-up doors, they have already paid and the funds are in your point of sale machine. This saves effort for you and your staff and allows for more efficient and predictable cash flow. 

Be Your Own Boss

Owning a car wash business means you can be your own boss. You can operate it however you want, hire whoever you want, and clean the vehicles however you want. You can make the operation your own, and put as much or as little work into it. Since a car wash can be very profitable, you can choose to take a hands-off approach and hire someone to handle the day-to-day operations. You never have to answer to anyone else and you can make your own decisions without asking for permission. 

It’s Low-Risk

Depending on what kind of car wash you are operating, it’s a very safe business to run. Yes, there are large vehicles and automated equipment involved, but still not a high chance of injury for your clients and staff. Many car washes now request that clients exit their vehicles before going through. You will still have to get protection from a car wash insurance policy, but overall your risk is low. This means you can operate confidently at all times, but still have the backup of your insurance coverage. 

You Don’t Need Experience

One of the best things about a car wash business is that while you want to provide great service to your customers, you don’t need the experience to do it. Yes, you will need to learn about properly cleaning and detailing vehicles, but these are skills that are easily taught and learned. If you decide to take the plunge on opening a car wash, you can be up and running very quickly. The process and techniques are very well known and established, so you are not reinventing anything. 

It’s a Good Day’s Work

If you are someone who likes to be doing something at all times, then a car wash is a great business. You can spend some time doing paperwork and management duties, but also get out in the service bay and clean some cars yourself. You can work with your hands, get moving during the day, and get a sense of accomplishment with every completed car cleaning. 

You Can Interact With the Public

You can be very front-facing with your customers if you wish. When someone comes in for a wash, step out and greet them. Make them feel welcome and comfortable and get to know them. A car wash depends on its repeat customers, so if you enjoy talking to people and networking, you can build a strong customer base. Remember, most places can clean vehicles well. The ones that stand out will be the ones that provide superior customer service and make clients feel welcome. 

It’s Profitable

Owning a car wash is a great investment. You can make a great profit off of your initial purchase, and how high you want to go will depend on what services you offer and how well your marketing efforts pay off. The main point of owning a business is to bring in profit, and you can do that with a car wash much easier than other businesses. In fact, it can be relatively inexpensive to start one. At the most basic, all you need is a location and some manual cleaning tools and you are all set to go. You can build from there and upgrade your equipment and facilities as need be. 

For many of us, running a business is a dream come true. It’s a chance to shake off the shackles of a nine to five job and be the boss for once. When you are thinking of what type of business to start, a car wash is always a good option. You might not think that you have any special talents to open a business with, but you don’t need that with a car wash. All you need is a great work ethos and the desire to help customers. 

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