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Spotify issues on Android Auto- No sound after Android 14 update! No ETA for fix

After installing the Android 14 update, numerous Android Auto users have expressed concerns about an inability to hear music from Spotify. Although the track appears to play normally, no sound is emitted. Specifically, users are encountering a situation where Spotify fails to produce any sound through the car’s speakers, despite the app indicating that the song is playing. Users assert that this problem arose after the installation of the Android 14 update, as it represents the only variable that changed in the affected setups. Notably, the same setup (with the same phone and head unit) functioned correctly before the update, suggesting that Android 14 is the likely culprit for these audio playback glitches.

Earlier there were reports that the Android 14 update had completely broken Android Auto. Google has been inundated with bug reports since the release of Android 14, with many highlighting disruptions to the Android Auto experience caused by the new operating system. For those grappling with the persistent issue of being unable to hear sound or music through Spotify on Android Auto after the Android 14 update, there’s encouraging news: an investigation is currently underway.

Spotify issues on Android Auto- No sound after Android 14 update! No ETA for fix

Google has acknowledged the ongoing investigation into the Spotify issue on Android Auto following the Android 14 update. However, the company has not shared further details, including an estimated time for a fix or specific reasons behind the bug.

Spotify issues on Android Auto- No sound after Android 14 update! No ETA for fix

The steady stream of reports suggests that addressing this widespread problem poses a significant challenge for Google. Users experiencing the bug are advised to remain patient as Google works to identify and resolve the issues associated with the Android 14 update impacting Spotify on Android Auto.

Are there workarounds to fix Spotify’s no sound issue on Android Auto after Android 14 update?

Despite users attempting various generic workarounds, such as clearing the app’s cache and data, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app, the Spotify issue on Android Auto following the Android 14 update remains unresolved. These efforts have proven ineffective, resulting in users being unable to listen to music while using Android Auto in their cars. Notably, the problem persists across both wired and wireless connections.

User reports highlight that the issue is not confined to specific phone models; it has been encountered on various devices, including Google Pixels and Samsung Galaxy phones. The widespread impact of this problem emphasizes its complexity, suggesting that it is not isolated to particular hardware configurations. As users eagerly await a resolution, the functionality of Spotify on Android Auto continues to be affected for a diverse range of devices.

Given the absence of a definitive solution and confirmation on ETA from Google, users find themselves with limited options to fix the Spotify no audio issue. The prospect of downgrading to Android 13, while a potential remedy, is a complicated process advised only for those having technical expertise.

However, there will be users who cannot control the urge to enjoy their Spotify tunes, especially those with subscription services, the current workaround involves bypassing Android Auto altogether. All they have to do is connect the smartphone directly to the car via Bluetooth, effectively sidestepping the Android Auto interface. By doing so, users can avoid the Spotify no audio bug and use Spotify in the car without encountering the issue.

Users may also explore alternative audio inputs, such as utilizing the car radio. Despite having access to services like Spotify and YouTube Music, many Android Auto and CarPlay users continue to rely on radio functionality. This workaround is likely to serve as a temporary measure until Google devs release a patch addressing the Spotify audio bug on Android Auto due to Android 14 update.

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