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Google Maps navigation available officially on Android Auto dashboards & connected Android phones simultaneously

Good news for Google Maps and Android Auto users! Previously, there was a limitation where you couldn’t use Google Maps on your smartphone and the Android Auto dashboard simultaneously. However, in February, there was a brief period where this feature was accidentally enabled but quickly removed. Now, it seems that Google has officially introduced the ability to use Google Maps navigation on both Android Auto dashboards and connected Android phones simultaneously.

According to reports from numerous Reddit users, it appears that Google has introduced a new feature that allows for simultaneous use of Google Maps navigation on both Android Auto dashboards and connected Android phones. Unlike the previous accidental activation of this functionality, it is now believed to be an intentional addition by Google rather than a mere screen mirroring bug. This official implementation will undoubtedly enhance the navigation experience for users, granting them the convenience of accessing Google Maps on both platforms at the same time.

Earlier the AA app denied opening on the Android phone, stating “Your phone can’t display Google Maps while Android Auto is running.”

Google Maps and Android Auto have made peace to work together

The simultaneous use of Google Maps on Android smartphones and Android Auto brings an important new feature to navigation. It allows for a more detailed navigation experience on Android, displaying a complete list of directions. This becomes especially useful when traveling with someone else, as the passenger can assist by following along on the smartphone version while the driver focuses on the road.

Although this feature was briefly introduced in February but later removed, it appears that the development team at Google has now intentionally implemented it. User reports confirming its availability are multiplying on the internet. It is expected that in the coming weeks, this capability will be accessible to all users.

The new version of Google Maps app 11.85.0300 for Android was released on 28th June. It seems to focus on bug fixes to enhance the overall user experience and assist with discovering and navigating to new places. While the official changelog doesn’t explicitly mention improved integration with Android Auto, it aligns with the recent reports of users being able to use Google Maps on both their connected car’s Android Auto dashboard and their smartphone screens simultaneously. It says, “brings bug fixes that improve our product to help you discover new places and navigate to them.” 

This integration is particularly beneficial for drivers whose cars support Android Auto but lack touch controls on the dashboard. By having Google Maps displayed on the phone’s screen while Android Auto is active, users can conveniently navigate the menus using their Android phones. To take advantage of this feature, users can download the latest version of Google Maps for Android from the Google Play Store.

This change will greatly enhance the navigation experience for users, allowing them to have access to Google Maps on both platforms at the same time.

It is possible that Google initially restricted the use of Google Maps on smartphones while Android Auto was engaged for safety reasons, aiming to minimize distractions by providing minimal information on the car’s display. However, it seems that Google has acknowledged the value of passengers using the Android Auto-connected phone to provide more detailed directions, thereby allowing drivers to benefit from the full functionality of the Google Maps app while on the road.

At the time of this response, there has been no official response or comment from Google regarding this specific update and the improved integration of Google Maps with Android Auto.

In comparison, Apple Maps offers slightly more information during road trips. While CarPlay is active and the Maps app is providing navigation, the connected iPhone displays a list of turn-by-turn directions. Although this can be helpful, it still has limitations, particularly for passengers who may want to utilize additional features within the Maps app.

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