Why Smartwatch has become the style statement of the next gen?


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Demand for SmartWatch is growing day by day but still, we want to prefer smartphones for every small task in our lives and are tend to underestimate the power of SmartWatch. We ignore many advantages of the SmartWatch because of the screen size of the SmartWatch. What we need to be aware of is the importance of SmartWatch in the current world which majorly are as follows:

  • Easy to carry
  • Water Resistant
  • Good Battery life
  • Customizable

Now that we have understood the importance of SmartWatch we should come to the most important aspect of the SmartWatch which is the features present in the SmartWatch which make them unique and attractive. SmartWatch manufacturers are majorly focusing on the health aspect of their customers and using new technologies for their SmartWatch to attract them and make them healthy.

SmartWatch has a lot of features with wearable technologies so that they do not harm the people using it but new technology comes with new difficulties for people to use as every smartwatch cannot contain each and every feature of a smartwatch. So, here are some of the in-demand features of best smartwatch listed below

Features of a next-gen Smartwatch

Connecting People

We love to connect and keep in touch with our friends, colleagues and family but it is not possible every time to call or message people due to our work. In this, SmartWatch can help us send short and crisp notifications to our loved ones in a single second.

Finding Things

We use to forget our belongings at the places which don’t allow us to get back our things at the moment we need them. SmartWatch has this great feature that helps us find things just by clicking on our SmartWatch which makes our belongings ring, vibrate or light up.

Tracking Health

We don’t have time to check our daily routines and calorie intake due to heavy workloads in today’s world. But, SmartWatch can help us track our health without wasting our time making a record. Health tracking can be done through different features of the SmartWatch that are:

Recording Blood Pressure

SmartWatch now can sense and calculate the blood pressure of a person and also can give alerts when it is detected as not normal.

Calculating Oxygen

SmartWatch can be now used as an oximeter that detects oxygen level as well as the pulse rate of a person.

Tracking Workouts

We can track our workouts with the number of calories burnt in a while through our SmartWatch and also can set targets and schedule workouts for ourselves in our SmartWatch.

Fall Detection

We always need someone to be there when we fall and have an injury. The latest SmartWatch detects when you fall and automatically sends a notification to your family mentioning your location.

Checking Sleep

Sleeping patterns cannot be noticed and recorded easily but SmartWatch can provide us with that too. They can actually tell you everything about your sleep by recording your oxygen levels when you are asleep and can also detect when you are snoring during your sleep.

Controlling Appliances

Electronic devices are controlled through buttons that are usually located at a distance which is sometimes very annoying but you can now control them through your smartwatch just by sitting anywhere in the world. You can now change your TV channels too through your smartwatch.

Verbal Control

We face difficulty operating the small screen of SmartWatch and have eye strains due to that too. SmartWatch now can obey your orders just by hearing your commands and you can control your smartwatch and use every feature through your voice. SmartWatch have a lot more to do that cannot be explained but some of the unique features can be listed as follows:

  • SmartWatch can be used as a radio as music can be played in a smartwatch.
  • SmartWatch can be used as a location tracker for parents to track the location of their child.
  • Reviews and ratings can be given through a smartwatch just in one click.
  • SmartWatch can help you give directions to get out of bizarre places.

Weather Records

Weather records are very important to know when we plan to go outside so that we can be prepared for it. SmartWatch not only just show the weather reports but also can dictate and tell you verbally about the weather at any kind of place in the world.

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Aryan Pathania
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