The role of computer games in a modern human life


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A computer game is a computer program that serves to organize the game process (gameplay), communicates with game partners, or itself acts as a partner.

The advent of commercial computer games was preceded by the already established industry of amusement arcade machines like Pinball — mechanical games that required you to throw a coin into the slot of the receiver to start.

Computer commercial games continue to appear and develop more and more. Each game of this kind has its bonuses, and one of them is no deposit casino bonuses. It’s a very practical bonus that not every commercial computer game offers.

What are the genres of computer games?

There are a lot of genres in which computer games are offered to consumers. Among the most popular are:

  • Action;
  • Rolling;
  • Strategies;
  • Simulators;
  • Adventures;
  • Puzzle.

However, it is worth noting that the sub-price assortment of genres of computer games looks much wider and more diverse. Each player will be able to choose interesting gameplay for themself thanks to a large assortment of gaming software offered by modern manufacturers.

The benefits and harms of computer games

The benefits of gaming are obvious. A lot of positive points are highlighted by users. Among the most popular computer games, the following popular features are highlighted:

  • Getting to know different people

In the game, it is much easier to get to know someone. On the web, people feel more open, because they are engaged in a common hobby. This brings them closer. That is, the players can be called more social than a considerable number of people who completely refuse to play. There are many stories about how people, thanks to their communication during online games, found their soulmates and got married. Studies have shown that most gamers are engaged in sports, creativity, and attend cultural events.

  • Increasing self-esteem

Self-esteem directly depends on our victories. So, when a participant wins, they become pleased. And their self-esteem will grow. A study was conducted, where it turned out that a person playing the role of a good hero behaves this way when in contact with people in real life. This was confirmed by professors of Trent and Stanford Universities.

  •  Games bring development

Starting to do some business, each person wants to find out as much information as possible about this activity. The benefit of computer games is to broaden your horizons. For example, the players in “Tanks” were interviewed and it was found out that they began to show more interest in military history and the structure of the tank. Because of this, they began to visit exhibitions and museums related to this topic.

  • English language improvement

Lessons with a tutor provide the foundation for understanding the language. However, to begin to navigate it, you need practice, but it is not so easy to get. While English is actively used in games, people have an incentive to learn it, and there is an opportunity for practice in the game.

  • Development of creativity and imagination

There are numerous tasks before the player. By solving them, a person hones the ability to find different ways to get an answer and begins to think more broadly.

  • Games improve coordination and memory, develop logical thinking

The best confirmation is the fact that in Europe, at schools, children play games on computers, because they help develop logical thinking and memory. This is well manifested in different puzzles. The benefits of computer games are confirmed even at schools. And some surgeons play shooters to train the coordination of movements to successfully perform operations.

  • Outburst of emotions

From time to time we need to show emotions, including negative ones. Games help not to be rude to friends or relatives because the entire emotional outburst of aggression takes place online on the character of the game. Despite all the advantages described above, computer games also have negative qualities that affect human health.

As for the negative aspects of computer games. They look like this:

  • Spending a long time at the computer leads to visual impairment and brain strain;
  • With the wrong posture, diseases of the spine and joints can appear;
  • Cruel and senseless games lead to aggression and influence the fragile psyche;
  • If you constantly play, the desire to communicate with people decreases;
  • Games cause an addiction in children and adolescents, which leads to further problems (for example, poor performance at school).

However, the right approach to the gameplay will allow a person to get the maximum benefit from the gameplay and significantly reduce the risks of exposure or the appearance of negative factors.

How to reduce the harm from computer games to a minimum?

The following tips will help minimize the negative impact of computer games on a person. These simple tips include:

  • Limit your time spent playing computer games, so that you have free time for other daily activities;
  • Choose games in which cruelty will be minimized, or it will not go beyond what is permitted;
  • In order not to spoil your posture when playing the game, you should try to keep your back strictly at 90 degrees;
  • In order not to spoil your eyesight, get up from your computer every 30 minutes and do a warm-up for your eyes.

Such simple rules will allow not to cause addiction, but to use all the benefits of computer games to the maximum.


A computer game is a computer program that serves to organize the game process (gameplay), communicates with game partners or acts as a partner.

Game genres:

  • Strategies;
  • Action;
  • Role-playing;
  • Simulators;
  • Adventures and quests;
  • Puzzle.

In the 21st century, there are about 3.1 billion people playing computer games, this is because at this time computer games have become a separate cult and a separate sport, i.e. “Esports”. From my research work, you have learnt what computer games are, what genres of computer games are, the benefits and their dangers, and how to minimize the harm from computer games.

Games help with great plausibility to feel like a hero of combat battles. Or, for example, to get on some expedition to Antarctica or fly into space. With their help, a gamer can go through various simulators, for example, all stages of pregnancy and even childbirth. With the help of games, you can go on a long voyage, survive on a desert island, or build a dream house or a palace.

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