How to recover and read deleted WhatsApp Messages on iOS and Android


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The title may appear like potential clickbait given the controversial nature that it suggests. For some, the subject may be slightly touchy given Facebook’s ultimatum over its new T&C, notwithstanding the scandal where the data of millions of users were laid bare. However, we can completely assure you that there are no potentially underhanded means that have been adopted here. It is a possibility to read deleted Whatsapp messages and here’s our comprehensive guide to achieving it.

We’ll be diverting a significant portion of our attention to the iOS and Android ecosystem along with a couple of handy tips that you can rely on.

How to read deleted Whatsapp Messages on iOS?

Every time a Whatsapp message is deleted for both parties, a note appears stating, “this message was deleted”. Now if the said message was deleted a little later after it was sent there’s the likelihood of recovering it using the Message Backup feature. The messages you’d received or send will be promptly stored using the Backup feature. The tool retains a copy of all your messages at a fixed time each day, week or month.

To read the deleted messages, you’d have to uninstall the app first and later re-install it from the App Store. Once the login procedures have been completed, you will be given the option of restoring all your chats from backup. Agreeing to the process brings back all the messages including the ones that have been deleted.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous you can make use of third party apps like “Notification History Log” and “Notification Log” to show you all of the notifications stored in your gadget’s notification register. To make sure these apps take a copy of your notification, you’d have to interact with the notification first. Moreover, restarting your device wipes out the notification history on the third-party app. Muted contacts will not be recorded since all notifications from the said contact will be muted. Media may not be saved either if the Auto-Download option is turned off. Any messages received and deleted while there isn’t internet connectivity wouldn’t be stored either.

There are plenty of caveats, yes, but as a purple-coloured galactic overlord once said, “A small price to pay for salvation.”

How to Recover Deleted Messages for Whatsapp on Android

Despite the variations in OS platforms, the method of recovering deleted Whatsapp messages remains the same. Although it isn’t clear if the re-installation procedure will help recover any deleted data.

For android devices consider using the third-party app WAMR that can be found on the Play Store. The apps function the same way Notification History Log does for WhatsApp on the iPhone. It records the incoming notifications that are received making them available for further reading even after the text has been deleted.

Here are the steps involved in setting it up:

  1. Assuming the app has already been downloaded from the Play Store, you now open it, read the disclaimer and accept to the conditions.
  2. The app will then show a prompt asking you o seect the devices you wish to monitor.
  3. After selecting your preferred apps swipe till you reach the “Setup” option and click enable next to “Notification Reader”.
  4. You’ll now be redirected o the notification access menu where you choose on WAMR and click on the “Allow Notification Access” button. Press “Next” and the setup is complete.

WAMR may be turned off if you have any extreme battery power saving or RAM efficiency tuning processes running in the background. Also, the app reportedly doesn’t work on the latest versions of Android.

How to delete WhatsApp messages before they are read

While we’ve managed to cover the possibilities of uncovering deleted Whatsapp messages so far, it would only be fair if we covered a section that lets you evade detection.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any swanky app that lets you remove messages without the report “message has been deleted“. Instead, you rely on your luck a little. If you delete the message when it still has the clock sign or the single tick then the message will be removed without appearing on the other person’s phone.

That’s about all there is on our end. If you think there’s something we missed out on, do let us know in the comments. For more similar content visit our website.

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