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Quordle 457 — April 26, 2023: Know hints and answers for today’s word puzzle

Quordle Today Answers, April 26, 2023: Quordle 457 is now available! You might be familiar with the popular online word puzzle game Wordle, but Quordle takes it to the next level. While it shares similarities with Wordle, Quordle offers a more challenging and exciting experience. Playing Quordle is like playing Wordle four times over, but that doesn’t mean it’s four times harder.

If you’ve been spending time on the internet in the past three years, chances are you’ve heard of Wordle. However, have you tried its more sophisticated counterpart, Quordle? This exceptional online game is designed to test your brain and improve your vocabulary but at a higher difficulty level. So why not take on the challenge and see how many words you can make from the given letters in Quordle 457? (Check out: Wordle 676 — April 26, 2023: Check hints and answer for today’s word puzzle)

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Quordle Today Answers

Quordle 457: What are the hints and clues to today’s Quordle Answer?

Here are some clues to help you guess today’s Quordle words of the day.

The first word starts with the letter P, the second with S, the third with B, and the fourth with C. Each word ends with a different letter, namely A, Y, Y, and R, respectively.

Word 1: It refers to a large windproof jacket with a hood designed to be worn in cold weather.

Word 2: It describes something that is covered in prickles or thorns.

Word 3: It means something is growing thickly.

Word 4: It is a type of chair designed for one person, with four legs and a backrest.

Use these hints to figure out the Quordle words of the day.

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Quordle Today Answers

If the clues provided above are not sufficient, the solution to Quordle 457, April 26th, 2023, is given below:



How to play Quordle?

To play Quordle, go to the Quordle website on your browser and solve a word puzzle. You will have six attempts to guess the word. After each guess, Quordle will provide feedback by indicating how many letters you guessed correctly and in the correct position (marked with a green circle) and how many letters you guessed correctly but in the wrong position (marked with a yellow circle). Use this feedback to make guesses and try to guess the word correctly within the allotted six attempts. Keep practising with new words to improve your Quordle skills.

Can you play Quordle using a mobile?

Yes, you can play Quordle using any browser be it on PC, Mobile or Tablet.

Is Quordle harder or Wordle?

Not mainly, there are times when either of them comes up with difficult word puzzles. Therefore, the difficulty level in Quordle and Wordle may vary and cannot be determined definitively.

Is Quordle free to play?

Yes, Quordle doesn’t charge anything for users to play.

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